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  1. give me your chat name or pcme in xat or send me message at forum when you are online
  2. you need to generate time codes give me your chat link
  3. as i told u can agree for your idea if we can get resize it by our self so thats will not be annoying and i s i said before there is new t update soon we nee to look it before this youtube suggestion bcz everything will be change even at inside box or out side html5 will have other look not as flash at all so we need to wait
  4. open html5 chat you find windaws that conection still search or sign you out sometimes bot give you welcome message as you got sign out every one moment conection not stable as flash
  5. @Voymo im not agree with player be inside box its take all space and not let u see messages i cant agree only if u can resize it by your self so u can put size thats not annoying for you and soon there is new update about some things will be inside box and other new adding in out side of box everything will be change soon
  6. i have more info about this idea i have more smieles like this if they accepted to design this powerr i can show u the smilies @LaFleur
  7. @LaFleur this problem still happen even at html5
  8. @stiff thanks baby @Stif
  9. hi , the maximium default messages saved by setting are 20 if you want more messages to see them you can use bot and type !logs and the number of messages that u want to see for example : !logs 200
  10. @Abrahan yeah i can see its give wronge size and sometimes gif move fast or slow for that most of gifs that got converting being wrong
  11. stiffo baby congrt for wiki editor  rank (blowkiss)you deserve it and more ,

    we are happy for you 

    1. Stif


      Thank you! (blowkiss)

    2. theFlower


      (blowkiss)yw  love you stifo

  12. congrt baby stifooo you deserve it im happy for you dear
  13. my words to admin it was clear i said that admin not any users i know we can disable messanger but im talking about all forum profile not just messanger why not invisible or privet like to show only for staff and peoples who we follow its not something hard block option is better then adding in ignore list
  14. hi @Admin i suggest to have make mroe option in forum profiles like we can make our profile public or privet or invisible for exmp: only who we follow them can find us and contact us + who are in forum staff) disable and unable forum profile blocking annoying users cant find us too and more option for messages we allow only to who we follow and forum staff list
  15. i tried gif/ vedio but i have bug my laptop wont work well i cant use it as i said when i finish days at my names and i go get new days code name colors wont work show my name without powers!!! until i change the code with other so its work @Stif i already told u that and i showed u prnt u and @LaFleur
  16. hi, if somone not registered and have id that id can belonge to him if he didnt deleted the cockies from his browser and he can give his id and sell it to other person he can also register for his id and give allow to other person to confirm it and take it
  17. 1 what is the hard and bad thing that you hate it in designing smilies !! 2 how and when you start the smilies designing and why you choose that work !
  18. hi if that pawns without need others powers so yes i agree the best idea ever but if its need like pawn color or pawn grad color so no
  19. if it will be stable is better
  20. i love you too amor and yes i like the powrer too i will buy it soon
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