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  1. i have idea , to allow users put special background for them ,in any chat as apear for them as chat background istead of the background that puted by the mainowner . this background should apear only for the user , same to pcback idea but for chats http://prntscr.com/vs6wt2
  2. im sorry i didnt saw that its already owned just i tried to help . ty for letting me know that bro
  3. 0202. 1001. 1212. 1122.2211. 1290.2002.4321.
  4. feel free to give your opinion. what you think about me?!
  5. will we have moustacho kisses for free? we are looking for it
  6. what do you think about me ! feel free to give your personal opinion about me !
  7. happy birthday(blowkiss) i wish you more happy years and your wishes come trueHappy Birthday GIF by swerk(hug)

    1. DontAskMe


      Ty my dear, i wish u all the best in the world(blowkiss)(hug)

    2. theFlower
  8. @Bau we follow bauity everywhere bcz we love him
  9. oooThefLowerooo (1531162882)
  10. till now bug fixed i cleard my browser its not back till now . ty for help
  11. @Admin for more securité yeah its good idea . the old idea allow others to get the bg of the other groups
  12. The 66th.anniversary.of.the.Algerian.revolution

    happy celebration . happy day for all algerien 

  13. dont try to be very kind with others(ok)

    because people used to be normal they cant understand you if you be very kind(shrug), thats will be annoying for them;)

  14. sometimes no one can understand you . thats can be the worest thing  in your life ,that makes you sad

  15. congrt (look) now its happen as i told u  .  next time  trust me 

    1. Stif


      Thank you!

  16. @Stif i told you or no ??? you said im liar now its happen or no? anyway congrt i guess it already
  17. @Valstein he is sad (shrug) we did nothing lol (maniac)your fault (toj)

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    2. theFlower


      lol tell that to someone that he is watching  us @Valstein(meh)

    3. Valstein


      haha, you are so popular  they follow you :(toj)

    4. theFlower


      lol not just me . you too (smirk)

  18. FB_IMG_16039698864751884.thumb.jpg.773a1a8a94999b06d93035184015a4ed.jpghappy birthday for our prophet mohamed. happy day for muslims. enjoy it 

  19. in all chats yes . i send message i can see my message writed but i do refresh i find nothing sent but i can see people talking and i can see messages at my pc when i go with guest name i can type no bug http://prntscr.com/v7z1q5 https://prnt.sc/v60m1x he didnt saw my pc but my messages there https://prnt.sc/v60joj i sent in main message i refresh i find nothing and wont send one time got 30 mnt to back normal this day i get this issue all time and i back and i get it again its not have special time
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