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  1. Agree with u .they should edit rules
  2. Celebration of  15th xat anniversary admin did  special event of store ,with price 15/100 down and event  ended this day. I wish people enjoyed it. 

  3. Thanks for @Admin for special event lastnight best store price for powers.it was for few heures but its great.i got my powers 

  4. We need alot of powers auctions pls
  5. We already have this type of contest auction every year
  6. @MaxoOur condolences to you, we are all in solidarity with you and love you, we hope that God will make your father in heaven. We are sorry for ur lost

    1. Maxo


      Thank you so much honey (hug) lah yrham lwalidin

    2. theFlower


      @Maxo(hug)(blowkiss) amin allah yja3alhom man chohada fi janat  na3im amine 

    3. Maxo


      lahoma amin ya rabi merci bcp zin

  7. Sometimes you do a great thing to people that they were looked at it hardly before,but who care , noone nothing.

    But you will feel in same time (i did it because this is me and for humanity i cant change im just so cool )

    1. David


      thank u flower, very cool

    2. theFlower
  8. Hi , i saw a bug at my powers , some powers apear on my list and go away , i didnt bought them, (super type of powers).
  9. theFlower


    @Stifthey are both disabled i wonder why people said saw my xavi , even when i tried let it abled u cant see @Stifthey are both disabled i wonder why people said saw my xavi , even when i tried let it abled i cant see @Stifthey are both disabled i wonder why people said saw my xavi , even when i tried let it abled i cant see
  10. theFlower

    Forum bug

    @LaFleur forum having bug or its some problems from my side , I do post or comment i click to save it its saying saving............. without end . When i refresh so i see its sent already
  11. This day im so sick my head and allergy . My phone sucks, i was going to send u message and i sent it to loba .


    1. Lemona


      :( Get well soon! 

    2. theFlower


      Thanks baby  <3 i will 

  12. This queen is my queen , she is my own thing no one can touch it :$

  13. theFlower


    Hi , xavi having a bug , or it is only by me idk, some people said they see my xavi and its lag chat , but i cant see it ,and my xavi off already
  14. theFlower

    Gif card

    Hi , why gif card having a bug at phones browsers , i cant see notf if someone sent me a card gif until i click my name and see
  15. @Stif thanks , i will do
  16. @Stifi do it my self , but that happen recently to me , before when i clear it it wont do that loss name and pic.....
  17. @Stif but thats happen recently only, not happen before..i didnt used to loss my name and color code pcback pic and avatar all in one time . This is weird.
  18. theFlower

    Hat broken

    About hat i used (hat#CC#ffffff @Stif
  19. @Stif i will send you the code at pm
  20. theFlower


    @Stif oh i didnt know that before ,that if i clear it i will loss my sline code ty for info.but i think they should have a way to save it in our login bcz its annoying to all time search the code ,sometimes if u dont save it so u cant get it again
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