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  1. omg you are very kind alee. i like it. you know im all time loving your drew .very cute. thanks alot u very friendly
  2. i will message you to drew for me things big thanks again
  3. big thanks for your support thats make me feel happy and work more for new other suggestions.i like smart people as you who like to see new things and work for it.ty
  4. can be nameflower namestar name effection . nameeff. nameplus.cutename.....
  5. yes exectly you got the idea @Stif well explain needed if idea not clear .but i said it clearly . so what i should do if some people have no idea about powers and suggest? there is professionals people who can get it fast . like @Maxoand @Stifand @NoSense
  6. its namewave with stars or flower moving
  7. yes dear thats idea but in namewave bcz its wont move if we dont have namewave
  8. https://imgur.com/Pk3np1D.png in place of this light moving in name wave we add with it stars or flowers so will show in your namewave more effections . its very clear.
  9. good luck. you can post them at loja so u can have more users asking for buy
  10. hi i have idea. new power that can allow us to use more effections in name. like some symbols flowers and stars and .... not just this light moving in namewave .i mean this new power will need namewave to work and will show flowers or other effections moving like stars .... .
  11. (blowkiss)bella cute girl

  12. mad tommy wiseau GIF by The Roomthis is you when your boss annoying you

  13. @owobaits not a new power. please read how to post before you do . ty
  14. do nothing. just open xat and it will directly open with html5 bcz all chats have html5 as default
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