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  1. sometimes even we have bad life or we be sad or have problems, we be happy also and we forgot anything bad in our life when we meet good friends as cherrry  @CH3RRY

    a veces incluso tenemos mala vida o estamos tristes o tenemos problemas, también somos felices y olvidamos cualquier cosa mala en nuestra vida cuando nos encontramos con buenos amigos como @CH3RRY

    1. CH3RRY


      @theFlower:oWOW THANK YOU🤦😻I greatly admire your ability to be happy even in the most difficult moments. You are an amazing person, I did not think we could be friends and inseparable as we are now. You have become an essential part of my cyber world. Whatever happens, you will have me by your side. I love you so much my girl.💚👭


    2. theFlower


      i love you too dear , we started as crazy peoples in xat test chat , we  looks crazy and we understand each other , the best thing we have at our friendship is the respect and love from heart 

      @CH3RRYtambién te amo querida, comenzamos como locos en el chat de prueba xat, nos vemos locos y nos entendemos, lo mejor que tenemos en nuestra amistad es el respeto y el amor de corazón

    3. CH3RRY


      Crazy, Free and Happy!



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