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  1. do you know where we find cuteness ?(hmm)


    its at this profile 

    cuteness called lemonada the cuteness is you my queen:$

    i love u angel of my heart

  2. guess who is queen of my heart?:$you dont know !

    its you  my angel 

    in this special site xat i meet alot of people  its easy to forget them .

    but you  not as them . you got special  place in my heart  forever(blowkiss)animation appreciate GIF by Chibird 

    1. Lemona


      Awe that's sweet! Thank you <3 

      Ghost Hug GIF

  3. can  you guess what is the sweetest and cutest thing in the world ????






     its you(blowkiss)Chocolate Choco GIF by Ritter Sport

    1. Dimple


      lmao sis

    2. theFlower


      haahaha  i love u sis 

  4. you are my bro :$foreverChocolate Choco GIF by Ritter Sport

  5. happy valentines day my love(blowkiss). i wish every year you are with me.

    without you im angel without wings.

    Heart Love GIF by techshida

    1. Maxo


      Sweetheart i wish we will be together forever too bb (blowkiss) i love u so much 

  6. i dont love you anymore :(

    1. zw


      I'm sorry to hear that. If something is on your mind, I'll drop you a quick line.

    2. theFlower


      :$lol joking dear i love you of cours.im sad to  not see you in xat chats and messages here at forum are disabled:'( we missed u alot :((hug)

    3. zw


      Aw, okay. <3
      I try to check in when I can.

  7. this day im happy special day , anyone need anything ask me  i do it  8-)

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    2. theFlower


      (toj)kkkkk are you bored

    3. Maxo


      I hope you'll be always happy  (blowkiss)(blowkiss)(blowkiss) 

    4. theFlower


      (blowkiss)@Maxo thanks dear

  8. if you want peope love you? you should lie do to them what they want . tell them what they want to hear. even if its not the truth.  ......

     sorry but its me flower i cant do that. because its me im like that .

    i cant make you happy with lie. 

    i would like to hurt you with truth and support you in same time (hug).

    love me as im or leave me as im.  

  9. happy birthday cute man (blowkiss) . now you are more old :p   Happy Birthday GIF by DOMCAKE

  10. (blowkiss)bella cute girl

  11. happy birthday

  12. oh nooooo! bye flash we love you:'((wailing):(

  13. hi cutest . happy birthday(blowkiss) enjoy your day

    i wish you have  more happy years with luck and health 

    allah make your dreams come true

    love you 8-)you are old man now lol Happy Birthday GIF by Jelene

    1. Kyle


      I am old now :'( Thank you!!

    2. theFlower


      old man yeah (smirk) (maniac)lol 

  14. happy new year 2021 for all my friends and all my followers. i wish for you all the best happines and health in this new year . i ask allah to make your dreams come true. thanks for being with me and care about me. thanks for all who asking about me helping me. thanks for my followers who are following me and my topics all time . love you all 

  15. this day i celebrate corona's end . its gone from my body.8-)(ok)congrt for me

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    2. theFlower


      @Tubaim fine thanks sweety for asking . its gone from me im safe now8-)

    3. Maxo


      Nice to hear this good new (hug) i'm happy for you

    4. theFlower


      @Maxomy love (hug)hobino allah yakhlik liya  thanks . 

  16. i cant trust others a nd i cant trust even my self , because im afraid of people sometimes they be cute other day they show you the evil face.

    1. Maxo
    2. theFlower


      (blowkiss) i get relax when i see you hobino 

    3. Maxo
  17. congt bro im happy for you . you deserve it omg i never was happy like this time . you are great  person im sure you will be good mainowner there

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