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  1. i dont think we need more hair powers we already had alot anough so we need something other that we can use it in xat new idea not old idea every time
  2. spacer.pngmy work free for all users :) :)

  3. my work free for all if you like it tell me and i write your name on it
  4. read the status again you did not understand what i mean
  5. oh sorry next time i will search @Crow anyway what you think about this is it good power can be!
  6. i want suggest symbol power we can use all symbol that you want everywhere in our name and in profil pic and nickname and pcback pic and in any place we want add them
  7. theFlower


    i want suggest statuswave same to namewave if thats possible
  8. Spoiler


    :$hi (hug)happy birthday enjoy your day(cute)  you are chibani now (maniac)

    1. Maxo


      Thank you (hug) haha yes i'm chibani :$ 

    2. theFlower


      (maniac)(hug)hhhahaha where is my part of cake (d)  !!

    3. Maxo


      come to take it  :$ 

  9. theFlower

    Bug on Mobile

    Not just at mobile in laptop too sometimes we get this bug
  10. its good new trade Something practical is that available now !!!
  11. hi clear your browser and restart your laptop and your net and go xat.com/login
  12. we cant say lets forget that because raid and troll and innap users are annoying and broke the rules
  13. we gonna avoid kids and raid and troller and who troll with innap and change name everytime thats really annoying we should fex that
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