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  1. the link broken in the beginning as i see
  2. if you tickle me i go see i find you spamm tickle me but you clicked me only one time
  3. hi i cant type in main and pc too i type messages and wont send i test my internet its fine thats happen to other chats too users said they had same issue
  4. :$miss you hbk  

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    2. theFlower


      (blowkiss)my bestfriend. how much years now we know  each other?

    3. Maxo


      ma n3e9lch be dabte mais ndon plus que 4 ans

    4. theFlower
  5. hi there is bug . when you are using invisbile power your friends click you see you not adding them as friends https://prnt.sc/v5d3st https://prnt.sc/v5ddil
  6. my love you missed me !!!  :$

  7. people are not angels so dont be sad if they do not understand how good you are 


  8. @Janvitus hi , if you had registred acount at xat i dont support using vpn , i dont agree for this idea , because when you login with vpn from other country thats make xat adminstration think your account got stolen from others , so for more protect they will lock you out and you get held . hola, si había registrado una cuenta en xat, no apoyo el uso de vpn, no estoy de acuerdo con esta idea, porque cuando inicia sesión con vpn desde otro país, la administración de xat piensa que su cuenta fue robada a otros, por lo que para mayor protección se bloquearán usted sale y lo retienen
  9. ayy my lovely brother thanks for supporting me and loving my work.... i love you bro and sure you will have good work from your sis soon . i do my best to learn .allah yahamik
  10. thanks for let me know about the update in smillîes bar and .. and yes i know that before . i just showed my work how its looks like . but if someone ask me for a bg he or she will have another better design about my futur work(yes im still learning i will have another type of work
  11. nothing im just thinking to have new work i dont have idea what i should make i didnt started yet
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