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  1. we all love sydno :$best bro 

  2. the smile now if you type it you can see its puzzle after back again to normal smile i didnt liked this i wont it move
  3. i know what i did i talk about the idea of the power
  4. i know i just want them to add a new idea to this power
  5. hi guys i want suggest something about puzzle power......... . why dont you add more emoji ..........or allow us to use this power for all smiles..... i mean like to have a smile broken and the smile have alot of colors mixed in one smile ...... http://prntscr.com/qpjllr broken smile but not moving bcz current smile is broken smile moving and back to normal smile i want it not back to normal pls
  6. @Zaki we need epic powers
  7. @Zaki you have it or no
  8. @Zaki do you think good power no !
  9. my twin of drama  (smirk)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Maxo


      i should find my twin of theatre :( 

    3. theFlower


      you already have one @Maxo

    4. Maxo


      hhhhhhh who ? 

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