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  1. thats gonna be amazing
  2. OCMT86X.png

    1. theFlower


      i love flowers

    2. DUYGU


      They only for you  (blowkiss) 

    3. theFlower

    1. theFlower


      good flowers 

      flowers are the life 

  4. 2YcWSjR.jpg

    1. theFlower


      we are friends for ever

  5. im with you and you with me forever (blowkiss) love you askim  my bff

  6. you can see me as angel you can see me as devil |-)

    you can see me good you can see me bad(meh)

    you can see i treat you good you can see i treat you bad

     you can see i love you  or i hate you

     you can see i care about you or i  ignored you

    its about you(a)

    you cant get from me what you didnt gaved to me8-)

    in all the ways im not the god im just me 


  7. when she gaved him xats and where and any proof prnt !!
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