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  1. i love my cute sister  (blowkiss)allah protect you  i love you GIF

    1. elya


      siiis me too :$ tatlim 💙Love GIF by swerk

    2. theFlower


      hyatim askim bebegem kardsim abla (blowkiss) 

    3. elya
  2. oh with numbers yeah i understand
  3. http://prntscr.com/tdczzf from right to left the correct way in arabic already fixed in html5 so no bug at it but in flash we cant fix thiss bug anymore if you want correct way you can use html5
  4. the problem of right and left problem in arabic language is already fixed in html5 so when you type arabic in html5 will show in right way this bug was only in flash version
  5. I participate in the 4 in a row Championship! oooTheflowerooo (1531162882)
  6. I do everything clear browser delete cookies forgot password try register again nothing . xat was hacked in November 2015 and im afraid my mail mayby is just blacklisted and dont want help me out . And is that mail i register in xat .

    1. theFlower


      hmmmm if vols said no so they know more then me ,but yeah you can make  new mail gmail or hotmail  and creat with it new account when you do that tell me what happen after register better if be with prntscreen 

      AND ABOUT  your old mail xat did not got hacked and its save 

      you can also wait the answer about your ticket when you got it you can show me prnt to help you more ty 

  7. hi , can you please clean browser cookies and try to register again do you have already account ! if yes so is it with this email that you tried to register with it can you make login! i suggest you to make gmail account if your email not works, because gmail is the most supported in xat for more info you can contact me at my forum profile or at xat xat mosa3adeh or oceanproject
  8. this is special day for us

    happy independence Day for algeria

    happy freedom(blowkiss)

  9. hi , you know flash version have some bugs we cants fix it , i suggest you to use html5 in that chat by adding " ?new " in your chat link for ex = xat.com/chat?new and there is other way to fix that by using other browser like chrome or opera are the best .you can also link me thet chat name to try to help you more
  10. when i feel im right about what i do in my life  i cant change my self to other way just to make peoples happy about me  , i cant do that because its called i will be fake 

  11. Hello. (hug)

    1. theFlower


      hello merhaba (hug)

  12. lastnight  03.07.2020 was special day for algeria

     after all that longe time ,we back our angels who died in French war against Algeria

     we will not cry we will celebrate and be happy  because they died for us to make us free

    welcome angels to algeria the country that you gaved your soul for it

    live in paradise forever allah yarham chohada (blowkiss)

    tahya jazayer  7ora 

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