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  1. it looks as your browser is blocking the code html5. Are you using google chrome? if not, use it. try different browsers; also old xat's login: https://xat.com/login?mode=4 https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/register.php?mode=4
  2. try log out of your xat account in https://www.xatworld.com/log-out/ after try loggin in again. If do can loggin in again, after do not use ?new in ends of url, try accessing the version in flash (if html5 do not works). If nothing these steps do not work... report in https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/html5-chat/
  3. Clear yours cache/Cookies Browser and try again with google chrome. do login at: xat.com/login (only one)
  4. close the chrome after continue to installing the flashplayer after this, do all process above. e.g: CLEARING CACHE/COOKIES BROWSER AND CLEARING FLASH CACHE. FLASH TUTORIAL: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/977699 (how to clear) after this all, maybe it works fine. Remember: IF Flash continue not working, try use html5 maybe it will works. xat.com/YOURCHAT?new Soon every xat will be in html5.
  5. Are you on which browser? if you're on EXPLORER or EDGER, try to installing chrome.
  6. Hello, maybe you don't know but flash is going to be down soon, because adobe's not going to update flash anymore. (there will be BUGS which's not going get fixed) Try using HTML5, using: xat.com/YOURCHAT?NEW for while, enter on html5, you'll need use ?new in ends of url. (soon every xat will be in html5) in case if you wants still use flash, try clearing your cache/cookies on browser/FLASH. settings,after try LOGGING IN or ENTER directly on chat.
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