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  1. Prize Received! Thank you soo much @Bau!
  2. Happy Birthday :d(hug)@DeffCelebrate Happy Birthday GIF by Dyanapyehchek

    1. Deff


      Thank Youuu Cool ManΒ (hug)Β @Coolingman

      The Simpsons Hello GIF

  3. It was a great contest! Thank You Nathan, really enjoyed it! And congratulations to all winners
  4. Prize Received! Thank you soo much @Bau!
  5. Prize received! Thank you soo much @Bau!
  6. https://prnt.sc/t2senu Great way to search friends! https://prnt.sc/t2sn04 Took a while to find smiley selector, thinking i could have typed anyways.. but found it in the end.. Good features tho
  7. Well, as i am able to read your question and capable to think and answer it.. So i guess yes! I am human. Coolingman (1161431081)
  8. Prize received! Thank you soo much @Bau!
  9. Prize received! Thank you soo much @Bau!
  10. Coolingman (1161431081) https://prnt.sc/sutjh0 https://prnt.sc/sutjnx Good Luck Everyone!
  11. Exactly! This is the problem we are facing and i'm sure other's would be facing as well while hosting a gamebot in their chat. The problem is when we were playing gamebot, a random user Private Chat the gamebot say !stop or any other command which makes the gamebot leave in midway. Earlier, there was a system when the gamebot used to PM us in main saying , "Sorry, you require power to control the bot". But in the current situation, the gamebot just goes offline. So, while i was hosting, a user kept coming and tried saying the command in pc of gamebot and making it leave again and again, leading to disruption..
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