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  1. I love both but currently I have two cats, can't afford more pets. I love these fluffy furballs even despite that fur flying around. Yeah, I love long-furred cats but that also means that I must do cleaning very often. Well, at least I have a little robot vacuum after reading this review, what a great help with dust.
  2. Same here. Now I am supposed to work from home like most of us... So, I like to listen to music, I had a bunch of vinyls from different eras, people love to give them to me, also I love hiking and woodworking. Now I can spent more time at the garage testing tools which were mentioned on electrogardentools and doing stuff like simple furniture or other gizmos I can gift to my friends later.
  3. So many sites are giving away free subscriptions. But that means that internet speed gets slower because of this...
  4. Wow, I know fast food is unhealthy but I love french fries, cheeseburgers and burritos. By the way, does pizza count? I mean not only restaurant pizza but also homemade ones. I have a small pizza oven as described on pizzaovenradar and think that it counts too.
  5. Oh, I like Axe deo black but now I don't use it. I'm also big fan of Old spice fragrance, especially aftershaves like Whitewater and Classic (though it's a bit harsh). Though I rarely shave now because I like my beard I use scented beard shampoos like Fuzzworthy’s and Viking, here's an article on MyStraightener blog about those by the way. Their scent is magnificent and I don't want to mix it with cologne after washing for days.
  6. Whoa, same here. I prefer sleeping and listening to music too, works best with almost any issue, of course, if you have spare 8 or 9 hours as was mentioned on Sleepingmola. I prefer sleep for 10 hours though the number varies for everybody based on physical conditions as far as I know. For example, I have some back issues and for me long sleep is almost a luxury.
  7. Dirty dishes, dirt, dust and sand in my house. Though I try to clean my place every weekend it still gets messy though I live alone and don't have much visitors... I also don't like gnats, cockroaches and other insects which tend to accompany almost every apartment, yuck. I was reading on pestcontrolhacks that you can repel them with cinnamon so I placed it in every corner, apparently it works but now I hate cinnamon...
  8. Anything unhealthy, I mean fast food, especially cheeseburgers and french fries. I'm also a big fan of pepperoni and 4-cheese pizza, even got me a small portable pizza oven as mentioned on pizzaovenradar for that. Though I would love eat steak with salad too. Anything made with grill or BBQ even vegetables tastes nice as well.
  9. I guess Christmas and my birthday because I always get presents at these days, yay That means every 25th of December and 15th of August. For example, I was asking for a robot vacuum after reading a review on Robotsnavigator and you know what, I finally got it! Next time I'm gonna ask for Nintento Switch I think
  10. I had so many hobbies I can't even remember but nowadays I have time only for gardening and gaming. Actually, I combined these activities very well, you can take care of plants while waiting for your turn in Civilization VI Besides, thanks to Bumpercroptimes, I know a few lifehacks about gardening and lawncare. Some of them I'm gonna test this spring. Yay!
  11. I traveled a lot with my parents, been to Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Spain) and Asia (South Korea, China, Japan), we visited so many museums, I liked it. Though I find these trips entertaining nowadays I prefer other experience like hiking and camping. What can be better than go into the woods with a tent like this and listen to the nature noises for a few days?
  12. Does hiking count as sport? If not then I would say motorcycle racing. I liked to watch races since childhood and even started collecting money to buy my own motorcycle. Finally, I got one a few months ago, it's old but good-looking Yamaha 250 cc bike. It needed some upgrades, but I managed to it reading reviews here. Also I must admit that I'm a very careful driver and try not to drive fast in the city.
  13. My mother loves hiking and mountaineering. I'm not a fan of such activities, I'm more a home person preferring cozy blanket instead of hanging out outdoors. Though I often buy her something that will be useful in her adventures. I stumbled upon this review and decided to get one of these sets for her. She has a birthday in two weeks, I guess she'll like it.
  14. Used to play Pokemon Sword and Shield a lot. Never played any pokemon games since.
  15. I love cats and dogs equally, they are good companions, it's for you to decided which one suits your attitude. Personally I don't like snakes and insects. I do not feel hate about them, just prefer do not have those around near me and do not interact with them. Though some of my friends have snakes, lizards and tarantula spiders as pets I respect them. I was surprised to know that humane fly traps exist! While I prefer to avoid bugs like mosquitoes, ants and flies, I don't want to harm them.
  16. I think I would like to be a famous designer or hairstylist like John Frieda or Tokyo Stylez. Lately I've been thinking maybe I should just start my own business and open a hair salon. I decided to calculate how much it would cost overall, I mean buying stuff like salon chairs, styling tools and space for rent. Surprisingly, I have almost enough money to start my business! Go for your dream!
  17. I like GTA 5 too, but what about Souls-series? I bought PS4 to play Bloodborne and Sekiro.
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