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  1. My mother loves hiking and mountaineering. I'm not a fan of such activities, I'm more a home person preferring cozy blanket instead of hanging out outdoors. Though I often buy her something that will be useful in her adventures. I stumbled upon this review and decided to get one of these sets for her. She has a birthday in two weeks, I guess she'll like it.
  2. Used to play Pokemon Sword and Shield a lot. Never played any pokemon games since.
  3. I love cats and dogs equally, they are good companions, it's for you to decided which one suits your attitude. Personally I don't like snakes and insects. I do not feel hate about them, just prefer do not have those around near me and do not interact with them. Though some of my friends have snakes, lizards and tarantula spiders as pets I respect them. I was surprised to know that humane fly traps exist! While I prefer to avoid bugs like mosquitoes, ants and flies, I don't want to harm them.
  4. I think I would like to be a famous designer or hairstylist like John Frieda or Tokyo Stylez. Lately I've been thinking maybe I should just start my own business and open a hair salon. I decided to calculate how much it would cost overall, I mean buying stuff like salon chairs, styling tools and space for rent. Surprisingly, I have almost enough money to start my business! Go for your dream!
  5. I like GTA 5 too, but what about Souls-series? I bought PS4 to play Bloodborne and Sekiro.
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