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  1. I love both but currently I have two cats, can't afford more pets. I love these fluffy furballs even despite that fur flying around. Yeah, I love long-furred cats but that also means that I must do cleaning very often. Well, at least I have a little robot vacuum after reading this review, what a great help with dust.
  2. Same here. Now I am supposed to work from home like most of us... So, I like to listen to music, I had a bunch of vinyls from different eras, people love to give them to me, also I love hiking and woodworking. Now I can spent more time at the garage testing tools which were mentioned on electrogardentools and doing stuff like simple furniture or other gizmos I can gift to my friends later.
  3. So many sites are giving away free subscriptions. But that means that internet speed gets slower because of this...
  4. Wow, I know fast food is unhealthy but I love french fries, cheeseburgers and burritos. By the way, does pizza count? I mean not only restaurant pizza but also homemade ones. I have a small pizza oven as described on pizzaovenradar and think that it counts too.
  5. Oh, I like Axe deo black but now I don't use it. I'm also big fan of Old spice fragrance, especially aftershaves like Whitewater and Classic (though it's a bit harsh). Though I rarely shave now because I like my beard I use scented beard shampoos like Fuzzworthy’s and Viking, here's an article on MyStraightener blog about those by the way. Their scent is magnificent and I don't want to mix it with cologne after washing for days.
  6. Whoa, same here. I prefer sleeping and listening to music too, works best with almost any issue, of course, if you have spare 8 or 9 hours as was mentioned on Sleepingmola. I prefer sleep for 10 hours though the number varies for everybody based on physical conditions as far as I know. For example, I have some back issues and for me long sleep is almost a luxury.
  7. Dirty dishes, dirt, dust and sand in my house. Though I try to clean my place every weekend it still gets messy though I live alone and don't have much visitors... I also don't like gnats, cockroaches and other insects which tend to accompany almost every apartment, yuck. I was reading on pestcontrolhacks that you can repel them with cinnamon so I placed it in every corner, apparently it works but now I hate cinnamon...
  8. Anything unhealthy, I mean fast food, especially cheeseburgers and french fries. I'm also a big fan of pepperoni and 4-cheese pizza, even got me a small portable pizza oven as mentioned on pizzaovenradar for that. Though I would love eat steak with salad too. Anything made with grill or BBQ even vegetables tastes nice as well.
  9. I guess Christmas and my birthday because I always get presents at these days, yay That means every 25th of December and 15th of August. For example, I was asking for a robot vacuum after reading a review on Robotsnavigator and you know what, I finally got it! Next time I'm gonna ask for Nintento Switch I think
  10. I had so many hobbies I can't even remember but nowadays I have time only for gardening and gaming. Actually, I combined these activities very well, you can take care of plants while waiting for your turn in Civilization VI Besides, thanks to Bumpercroptimes, I know a few lifehacks about gardening and lawncare. Some of them I'm gonna test this spring. Yay!
  11. I traveled a lot with my parents, been to Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Spain) and Asia (South Korea, China, Japan), we visited so many museums, I liked it. Though I find these trips entertaining nowadays I prefer other experience like hiking and camping. What can be better than go into the woods with a tent like this and listen to the nature noises for a few days?
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