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  1. M4RC3LL (802323082) thanks thanks big boi ♥
  2. Hello I want to report a bug within Classic power, which is not working as a Hat. but it seems to work as a smilie.
  3. Imr

    Loja Banner.

    Thanks for trusting me to make a banner for LOJA CLUB on Forum. It was such a pleasure to make such a thing for LOJA CLUB. @Mister
  4. No hats for this power?
  5. Imr


    Hello, For those who are waiting to get a banner please I just ask to you be patience as I'm picking the winners. Regards IMR.
  6. Imr


    Thanks for letting me add it on Forum @Shizuo hope you like and thanks for letting me do this to you! As @Booh requested me a background christmas themed and asked for silver colour I did in the way he asked me to, hope you did like it too sir.
  7. Imr


    I'll message each of you on xat and y'all let me know how you want it. Regards.
  8. Imr


    FREE GRAPHIC'S From Thursday(Today) till Saturday(7th) I'll be making free Backgrounds such as PCBACK'S and CHAT BACKGROUND. If you want one please leave your iD below and I'll contact you asap.
  9. Imr

    Sell Graphics

    Yeah I can add of course,
  10. Imr

    Sell Graphics

    Hello. I'm selling graphic, banners, backgrounds, logo and etc.. xHaruu (296027270) add me and pc me or message me through forum. All HD QUALITY, Not expensive, Cheap Graphics. come at me.
  11. Imr


    Hello, i'm leaving out for all you guys a background i've made a few days ago, please any feedback is always welcomed. If anyone wants the PSD EDITABLE FILE please comment below and I'll message you on PC till there peace.
  12. Well adding to what you said, but then whoever has higher rank than members can easily see their status.
  13. Hello, I was early at a friends chatroom and she had to disabled her status because some people were asking so many questions about it, So I thought, what if we had a new power called STATUSHIDE. The main thing this power will add is the option to hide your status from other users, so you all might be thinking "whats the propurse of hiding a status if you have them to show to all your friends whatever is on your mind" Well yeah that's a good point, but what if we could just show to the one's we have added as a friend and for those who are not on your friendlist, they would not be able to see what's on your status. The following images is to show an example of how the pawn would look if it was a power. 1- 2- 3- The following images will be how it would look if it was a power. HOPE YOU ALL LIKE IT. BEST REGARDS
  14. Happy birthday

  15. Imr


    There was nothing wrong as I can remember. I think xTemplario didn't know that I sold my power at Trade chat and didn't refresh my page at his chatroom. So he thought it was a bug from blacksale.
  16. Imr


    There was no need to open a topic for reporting a power, the main reason why it was not working on xat.com/trade it's because I sold it.
  17. Well as I'm used to post all my works on forum, this background has to be shared with you all. It's a Brazilian background for a new chatroom called Ultimas, it's about News from xat.com in [ PORTUGUESE ] I hope you all like it as I've done. "This content is not for auto promoting, it's just for sharing my own work" @Vevrok
  18. Read it https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=blacksale
  19. Aweesomeeeeee, cant wait to buy
  20. I see what you mean, I'll make a new one but with multiples colors into the design and i'll make a topic for it, but thanks for your feedback and comment Best regards. Thank you so much for your comment and for being honest.
  21. Hello I'm leaving a sample of my work for PCBACK background. If you guys likes it, please leave a comment + give me any feedback. If you wish to buy one contact me at xat.com/trade or xat.com/social My info is OriginaIMR (986767576)
  22. Imr

    Happy Birthday Mino1 enjoy your day as its the last of your life. hahahaha joking, but i hope you have the best day ever.

    1. Mino1


      Thank you (hug)

    2. Imr


      You're welcome 

  23. I'll be the first to greed you and welcome you to our xat family on forum, hope you enjoy as much as you can staying with us and always look for new topics to entertain yourself with some good topics. you can always post your suggestions at the: suggest page [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/7-suggestions/ ] this will be the page for you to suggest whatever you think would add to chat to be as greater it is right now. You can also start a discussion about something on chat or simple play some forum xat game, at the page [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/17-general-discussion/ ]; You can look for some good designers and graphics if you wish to improve your skills at Chat Graphics at the page [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/19-graphics/ ] Looking for a certain help? use it forum guides and tutorials page [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/299-guides-and-tutorials/ ] there you can always get the best tutorials on chat to help you out. In Need of a new ID go to the market [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/20-id-marketplace/ ] You can always find some good IDS for amazing prices. Looking for great events to get a good amount of xats? well there a page for that at [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/18-contests-and-events/ ], you can also make your own event and giveaways. Wanna be the first to get news from HTML5 look at the page [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/223-html5/ ]. Looking to get news from the Mobile App on xat you can always get that from the page [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/8-mobile/ ]; Well as everyone loves to be the first to test and buy new powers, look at this page [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/28-new-power-testing/ ] and to last but not less important Forum's General Support [ https://forum.xat.com/forum/4-general-support/ ] you can get support on English - Spanish - Portuguese. Hope you like Forum and once again welcome to Forum. @iBebezynha
  24. @Bau I'm pretty much the happiest kid on earth to be part of this great xat family of all, so yeah thats my answer! Thanks bro <3
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