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  1. how much for 9Dig?
  2. Imr

    Text Effect Random

  3. Imr

    Sell Bg's Pcback

    Sell chat background Inner 300 Outer 200 Pcback 350 My gallery https://www.flickr.com/photos/imrdesign
  4. Imr

    My random art

    Thanks for your feedback, i'm gonna keep the work on the realistic style thou. true that would look very good indeed, thanks for your comment.
  5. Imr

    Sell Bg's Pcback

    Sell Bg's PcBack at a worth price message me at this ID (1517339369) just add me, i'm online almost all the time. /f1517339369 Hope to see you anytime soon!
  6. Imr

    My random art

    Hello I've done this random art on Photoshop and I don't know where to use it. You all can feel free to save it on your computer and use. I forgot to save the .PSD file. Any feedback?
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