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  1. my sis (hug)

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      GEMY (hug)

  2. Happy Birthday! brooo(hug)

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  4. 🎈¡Feliz cumpleaños! 🎂

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  6. GEMY

    power battery

    Welcome to the family of Ixat.want to have something new and impressive? I know this because I love this site and I love this suggestions and to impress everyone and I hope this power battery Is a powerhouse that allows the user to show the battery shape on the name of the hat It also forms such images that are attached This power will express your modec using hat codes such as red (fatigue) .Green (smile) and all colors will appear in the form of a battery on to you want to according to Shaw Modk now and Shaw you Habib explain to everyone what you feel like whatsapp or fecbook
  7. Hello dear I have thought a lot in this matter and I thought it might seem a nice solution I want to create a workshop room for trade for Arabs and do not mind to join one of the rest of the countries and people and I will take responsibility for this chat in the management.Anything may need chat I am always constantly and I am currently the owner of chat Arab help because I love and I would like to help all people because I hail site xat a lot.But I officially want it
  8. GEMY


    The form of power has become normal and would like to renew and change because you love Shayke and elegance and pride in your job and self-definition that you do not like to work if you are an employer or if you are a self-employed or if you are an employee and other I know other people. These are good human beings for all xat users that I must drive and try this power because it will really impress everyone and will be among the best power ever shapes(hat):ــ .Attorney .Employee .Doctor .Engineer .football player .Policeman .a nurse .Worker
  9. GEMY

    New HTML5 Trade app

    You can also search for other categories such as: color game gameban hug jinx epic blast fx kao name function I also think we need a page inside to get the power
  10. GEMY

    New HTML5 Trade app

    nice power i need this
  11. GEMY

    hola bro

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      Fine, what about you?

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      I'm fine and happy to meet you

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      Happy to meet you too.

  12. GEMY

    power (fire)

    Hello dear readers, the existing force has become a power Do you want to have something new and impressive? Fire power is a force that allows the user to show flammability and forms Hat of fire Name of Fire Fire extinguisher Fire bell fire box fire hose fire truck And many, many more! It is the power of fire that will get the name of a fire or a fire hat, which cost 400 Xsat this cost per day possible if you want to experience this fallow many wonderful and wonderful and can be kept for life, but it gives the form of fire for the name and the hat, which can be
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