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  1. roulette game eliminating names prize 200 xats 3 names x player sign up with sergio come and play with us at https://xat.com/hola

  2. 21 is played! random and the numbers that come out 3 rounds are added example comes 95 adds 9 + 5 = 14 scoring pv sergio prize 200 xats enter https://xat.com/hola and play with us

  3. pure cold

  4. pechugas donde estas ? (cute)

  5. well just comment correctly and not with videos thanks
  6. serious answers please. is a contributor comment seriously to the publication and not with video thanks
  7. Is the system wrong since one year and just now they realize? If you do not know how to manage a forum, resign and put people who know and can solve the problems and do not abuse their power in the forum.
  8. I just want my advance member to put my mouthpiece juniors .. but well I think that there are several changes to this forum I see things that in other forums do not allow and here a nonsense warn you
  9. 100% xeneize

    1. CH3RRY


      Tremendo hincha (toj)

  10. I think everyone uses the chrome so it must be the best. I use it
  11. hot day you choose beach or pool??


    dia de calor que eliges playa o piscina??

  12. What music do you like to hear a rainy day?
  13. It's just a question, don't take it badly ... are you happy with the forum?
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