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  1. Sounds Interesting!!! Spanglish Songs please... now days it's been a lot of fun in xat chats... I like that....
  2. This sounds much better and all the drama here in the forum can be avoided. Specially when there's not equality between all users of the forum. The simple solution to that can be easy is to leave just 3 reactions: Like ( ) or ( pink heart) Laugh ( ) or ( ) Thanks ( ) or ( ) Forum Staff: Let's be friendly to everyone and make friends (which is the purpose of xat) and not enemies. I love xat and a lot of users that are friendly but if the purpose of xat is not to make friends worldwide, then all this drama will be helpful to make enemies . I know a lot of people that says the current staff are not friendly, they are proud, believed by the rank they have, even by the power they have as much as in xat and in the forum. Been honest to all of you, I don't like that kind of attitude when people say that. Of course I don't say anything because is not against me but we need more users to trust in you guys so xat can keep growing instead of loosing users.. With all the respect Mr. @Admin and sorry to bother you about all this but I am including you, so you don't miss all the above. Best Regards to Everyone!
  3. is it a new update now? 


    Hola a todos again xD I missed the forum (wailing)

  4. Great Job! I liked it and I still be waiting to see if there'll be a chance to put a background picture
  5. Not at 100% English: Spanish: In the other language as well (srpski) Thanks for noticed this @Magic $ @DJFUNNY
  6. I don't know about this power, why rushing to release a new power? I meant thanks for the power but seriously, we can get better that this. only 3 smilies? I don't know about you guys but we should be think about to calm down and not rush to release incomplete powers. Please calm down guys!!! nothing wrong with the power and it's a nice power and it's effects are cool Best Regards! Dj Funny
  7. @Addict are you ready for this friday?  (cute) 



    Att.: Dj Funny

    (from work pc)

    1. Bryan


      I hope so! Are you?

    2. Chapinleno


      Yes Sr!! I hope I can be there so have fun.. (applause)


  8. Congratulations to the winners!!!! Here's my entry DjFunnyelmejor (161735814) ~Dj Funny Breaking the Silence~
  9. I usually use chrome, Prob. you already tried it but here we go... try using this link to login https://xat.com/login?new see the screenshot https://prnt.sc/pi2hl1 make sure to keep an eye to your email for a verification code, then follow that link you will get in your email associated to your xat account.
  10. New Power 565 is now being testing....



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