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  1. The most famous thing in my country is food because it seems to be something that everyone likes to get everyday
  2. My favourite helper is @Ethan because he was my first follower on forum. Thank you!!!!
  3. I left xat in 2018 and I have returned occasionally for nostalgia. Started using it again the last couple of days and most the people I knew from xat just use Discord now, which I personally think is much more user friendly though I could be biased lol. I noticed that xat has changed quite a bit with HTML5, but I think there is still more improvements that could be made if they expect to retain users and gain more in the future. I will probably stop using xat soon and end up returning in a couple of months to see how things have changed, hopefully positive change but who knows.
  4. Decided to listen to this classic song today, next song tomorrow bye amigos
  5. My habit is periodically returning to xat and deciding to make a couple forum posts before forgetting about it again.. I'm just bored.
  6. Gameban competitions, more specifically Codeban. First to finish or lowest score, have fun!
  7. My favourite power is Puzzle because all the pieces just fit together
  8. My favourite coffee is mocha because I'm gonna make a mochary of myself haha
  9. My favourite singer is Steve Harwell because somebody once told me the world is gonna be roll me. I'll continue the lyrics in my next post, coming next week to a forum near you :)
  10. My dream is to get advanced member, I'll get there one day. One post at a time, I will make my dreams a reality. I hope you all will support me on my ventures, ty goodbye:)
  11. Bring it back. Also why remove it in the first place? lol.
  12. My favourite dessert is called Sahara, you can find it in North Africa and it's a bit dry.
  13. Helped me with figuring out how many more posts I need for advanced member.
  14. My talent is making my access to my forum account disappear. I know it's amazing, hold back your compliments ty
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