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  1. Update: I'm still not advanced member... but I will do it!! I just need to ponder over a bowl of cornflakes, perhaps I will suggest a cereal idea soon thank you for the inspiration xx
  2. Dogs are amazing!!! I really hope this power gets made, it's one of the best ideas I've seen in a long time. It has left a deep impression on me, you're truly a genius coming up with such a unique concept. I hope to see you shake up the suggestion community with more innovative ideas :)
  3. Please provide visuals in your main post, in future refer to this when creating new suggestions!
  4. I don't really understand the idea, could you explain it a bit more? From what you've typed it sounds like you want more smilies allowed in our name or do you mean an effect over letters? A visual example might help to explain the idea better as well. So for instance, if you have the letter F and had flowers appear in it.
  5. Bob_

    Power VIKINGS

    I believe that Viking related smilies already exist from powers such as Fantasy, Quest, Quest2 and so on. There's probably more, but not a dedicated power at least. I mean I did find something Viking related, this is a Sticker power called Magnus that seems to be loosely based off Vikings. https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Magnus Personally, I would argue that sticker doesn't do Vikings enough justice though. As for pawns (hat#b) comes with beer, but not as you visually created. I'm sure Vikings hats previously existed, but that may have been a limited hat when th
  6. Accidentally mistook this as a post from the Forum Games section based off some of the off-topic comments, honest mistake I promise . The suggestion isn't necessarily bad, but I feel like it needs more to it. Rather than just taking fonts that generators use, maybe you could be able to choose a style of font and save it so that you have a preset font and name to make it easier if you fancy a change of style . I'm sure that xat used to let you save your name, but maybe it doesn't save them anymore?
  7. Bob_


    Ah I apologize, it would seem that you have quoted my post multiple times? No worries, I will simplify it for you. The important stuff is in bold, ignore the rest if its too much to read. Graphic Subforum called Portfolio. Only allow creator of Portfolio post to respond to post, no need for friends to flood with misleading compliments. Graphic Designer Role not needed to be known as a Graphic Designer in the Graphics community. Have a lovely day
  8. Bob_


    My previous post seems to have disappeared (Box haters be out there folks!!! jk I love you pls don't remove this ). As I stated previously I do agree with this idea as I would like a Box Designer role one day, but this is where the issue lies. If people like me can have a Box Designer role then we can have anything ridiculous and that is where it must stop. I believe that a role is not needed to demonstrate a persons abilities, as previously stated you can use a portfolio to do this. At least with roles like Volunteer, Moderator, Contributor, Wiki Editor etc you could say that they have some s
  9. The most famous thing in my country is food because it seems to be something that everyone likes to get everyday
  10. My favourite helper is @Ethan because he was my first follower on forum. Thank you!!!!
  11. I left xat in 2018 and I have returned occasionally for nostalgia. Started using it again the last couple of days and most the people I knew from xat just use Discord now, which I personally think is much more user friendly though I could be biased lol. I noticed that xat has changed quite a bit with HTML5, but I think there is still more improvements that could be made if they expect to retain users and gain more in the future. I will probably stop using xat soon and end up returning in a couple of months to see how things have changed, hopefully positive change but who knows.
  12. Decided to listen to this classic song today, next song tomorrow bye amigos
  13. My habit is periodically returning to xat and deciding to make a couple forum posts before forgetting about it again.. I'm just bored.
  14. Gameban competitions, more specifically Codeban. First to finish or lowest score, have fun!
  15. My favourite power is Puzzle because all the pieces just fit together
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