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  1. Have you heard the Russian version yet, I hear its pretty good @Storm I'm just chilling to some good old Gigi
  2. When you go to check active users, and choose filter by, there are 3 different groups for volunteers It also appears that at least two of them (the bottom 2) are in use at the same time?
  3. Depends on the circumstances: Seychelles or the Caribbean for a sun bathing holiday, Constantinople (Istanbul, if you are a heretic) because I would like to see the city of the world's desire, Japan, because it's weird, and it's Japan. Right now I would go sun bathing if I could (Finnish winter? no ty!) That would also be amazing, I've always wanted to just hop on a train (or just drive a nice car) and ride around Europe Ibiza sounds terrible; I've been to large and "popular" clubs in the south before, good lu
  4. Here's some Trade&Help styled backgrouds (Originally half-finished contest entries, never actually published)
  5. Ping! Added another free festive background for Saint Patrick's Day. Also, here's the stamp shape that I used (I'll make a separate post for these if I make more of them) Download (Mediafire, zip)

  7. There was a topic like this wayy back No one used it after the first month And then it got removed.
  8. Eh, I think xavi is pretty terrible myself But I guess some xavi-related powers wouldn't be much different from the usual smiley powers (which are just as bad). I dunno, I guess it's good to have some variation at the very least.
  9. I dont indentify as any gender 15
  10. hello world :)

  11. As in requests for old assets/stuff I've made that I could release to the public. .. At least for now.
  12. I completely forgot Crash Bandicoot 1-3&Team Racing and Sims 1-3 (.. 4 being total garbage)
  13. It will probably be added eventually.. at which point I will probably have to quit xat again
  14. Hmm, much to choose from, I'll just pick a few instead. Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 Europa Universalis IV Age of Empires 2 Donkey Kong Country Counter-Strike (mostly 1.6, but GO&Source are also fun) Kerbal Space Program Railroad Tycoon 2&3 Simcity 3000 Half-Life Advance Wars (1,2, Dual Strike) Ace Attorney (The entire series) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Need for Speed Underground 2 .. And now I'm going to stop before I spam this page too much!
  15. Nothing wrong with a bit of a popularity contest.. In the future, it might even be somewhat correct. "Popular Forum Contributors" would probably clear up most of the confusion, no?
  16. Yeah, the formatting isn't the greatest. I've had issues with getting images to show on my post (I found that drag-and-dropping my image from another window into my post works.. most of the time) Quoting is quite temperamental, its difficult to move around and delete a quote sometimes.. Of course, Ive used vbulletin forums for over 10 years now, so that does play a part aswell. I trust pretty much any imagehost to host my files better than xat, thank you very much!
  17. Festive Backgrounds for xat (Inners only)
  18. Simple xat planet DOWNLOAD HERE (Mediafire; .psd)
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