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  1. Introducing the new power, piss yellow ForumGlow. Colour is non-optional. Reserved for people whose piss have risen above a certain level.


    1. Elie


      wow ur real funny m8

    2. Lida


      not nice.

  2. Ever since the quarter finals started the team I've been rooting for seems to always end up losing. Sigh. 

  3. So thats why my xatspace no longers shows up as the #1 search anymore (actually, I dont think it has for a long time)
  4. how do I get a big rep like u

  5. I find most if not all of my fonts at dafont.com; Usually I'm after basic sans serif fonts. Choose the font according to what you think fits best to your current design. I usually download a few and try them out until I find one that fits. Also, if you want to become great at graphics, a good first step would be to try making your own templates. You learn as you go
  6. waf3vCp.png


    1. Guppy


      what happened?

    2. TrueRedDevil


      xat being weird as usual

  7. I don't like the idea of deleting posts before they even become public. Would it be too much asked then to have a stickied topic with ALL suggestions listed then? Then you could just add a reply "Already suggested, read thread X before suggesting again" and lock the thread. Either that, or after approving/disapproving the post, I think the post should become public. Locked from further replies, if not approved. And then maybe purged after a week or two.
  8. Nationalism power sounds like a recipe for disaster, if I'm brutally honest. The idea itself isn't too bad, but then its still hard to pick a correct hero or figure for any given country. Not to mention even if said figure might be celebrated in his or her motherland, they might be greatly disliked in the neighbouring country. Can't really say the ones you named are that controversial, but I can imagine for example Uncle Sam not being the most popular, say in the Middle East or the streets of Moscow.
  9. Why was the cubeupload css/html thread removed? It would be kind of the moderators to actually allow people to modify their threads and posts instead of swinging the hammer instantly. Swiping things under the rug is never a good idea.

    1. Verite


      Sweeps you off your feet, instead.

    2. TrueRedDevil
  10. Thank you! (And sorry for an extremely late reply)
  11. Hey, don't creep my posts! Just kidding, I forgot I had even suggested that
  12. But I specifically asked you to like my main post instead... ;_; Oh well, thanks anyways
  13. I am only one person, no need for plural! Thanks though..
  14. I will personally disqualify any entries that do not contain the best flag, the Finnish flag. (Just kidding of course, good luck everyone!)
  15. .. That would just mess up the user list completely. No thank you
  16. Seems like negative reputation was also added in. Kind of scared of clicking that red button though. EDIT: I guess I just couldn't see it before It would be rather nice if there was some rules to go with this new negative reputation thing (so we wont have the same problem again, in reverse sort of). Giving lots of negative rep for no valid reason should be punishable.
  17. Even with the system in place, I'd wager a good 90% of the posts made on this forum fit into this category. I think dropping the post count required for advanced members to 5 or 10 instead, would reduce the amount of filler posts. Or there could be some other requirements for it. Of course there'll still be plenty of people just trying to get their post counts up, but I don't think anything else than very strict moderation will fix that problem..
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