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  1. Imagine having bought everypower just for the pawn only to end up losing it/paying 100k more for what you originally wanted. (I imagine going for EP is the main reason most powers sell in the first place?)
  2. This is some kind of joke right?
  3. I hope we find some intelligent lifeforms out there soon.
  4. Strangely that template looks a lot like mine... Except much worse. I think whoever made it just mashed together several templates into some weird knock-off
  5. Hooray for annual depression day

  6. Time to make Danneh Great again

  7. I would recommend investing in a drawing tablet, you'll get better results that way.
  8. Honestly, I feel like you only did half the work yourself. But your newer work are far better than your older ones at least. I think you should practice making your own templates.
  9. Why is this leaderboard thing not average likes per posts instead of post as much as you can to get some likes

    1. Brandon


      Maybe you could frame this in two different questions:

      1. Why isn't there a way to downvote unworthy posts?
      2. Why do people upvote posts that aren't worthy?
    2. TrueRedDevil


      Downvotes need to exist, but not as long as you can just vote for no reason


      Maybe instead of generic votes you could have different options (+informative, +funny, +helpful, +thanks) and then just base the entire leaderboard around those

    3. Brandon


      Unfortunately, that is not an option right now. We could enable downvoting, but you should open a topic to propose it and ask for opinions.

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  10. Your first image is a little bit of a mess, some text (like "xat in the middle") is misaligned, the tapes look unnatural at the ends, not to mention it has a feeling of being "just thrown together". The second one on the other hand is great.
  11. nobody cares about Danneh so I vote Danneh
  12. 2016 has been a great year so far
  13. escape escape alt delete

  14. Yeah, if the guys at the top just made me a vol I would make sure there would never be any more unanswered tickets. (Of course, there would probably not be any users either after I'm done)
  15. xat is almost older than me now, wow

    1. Brandon


      I had to read this a few times.

    2. TrueRedDevil


      I'm forever a child

    3. Elie


      Show me your ways.

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  16. Top Rated or bust

    1. 6


      Go catch pokemons.

  17. That was intentional. Besides, I had to cover up some unlucky contributions by others. I guess using PC would have been smart. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  18. Just another cryptic status update

  19. Why are some of the place/area names completely off? Some even use öäå correctly and others don't? eg. IJA SIOMEN LÄÄNI should be ITÄ SUOMEN LÄÄNI, EJELÄSUOMEN = ETELÄSUOMEN, LANSI = LÄNSI Not to mention some names are in completely random languages (English, Latin (Spanish?), Finnish, Swedish) I wonder if the other maps also suffer from the same errors
  20. Iceland was the real winner anyway.
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