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  1. Even though I was owner before I dont think I'd be active enough. Maybe once the chat gets more lively
  2. If the chat is run by people who don't make graphics then I may as well go to some other chat and sell/discuss, which completely beats the purpose of a graphics chat. Its supposed to be a chat made by designers, for designers. Thats why Manu is main and not for example some volunteer. And yes, designers may be too busy to moderate the chat at times, thats why theres several of them. And some of us aren't even all that busy, No comment
  3. Whats the point of having a graphics chat staffed by mostly people who can't make graphics That would be like having half the staff on help not actually help users It would also be very confusing for people who want to buy graphics or need help, since anything member and up has usually been a sign of that person being a designer. If the chat gets really popular it might be a good idea to have a couple people assigned only to mod the chat though.
  4. TrueRedDevil

    Graphics chat

    So I guess we'll just not have an English graphics chat then, so that we can please even you Congrats, Manu!
  5. TrueRedDevil

    Graphics chat

    A lot of people expect to get something equal to several private lessons when they ask for help or tips, which I for example don't have the time or energy to give. I've usually given some sort of tips on how to improve (if I don't I'm most likely busy or something) if people have asked... More often than not the person asking should really be focusing on learning the basics though, so my tips and help go a bit wasted. Of course I've also met a bunch of people who actually learned something when I helped them, which is why I still helping people at times. I don't know much about how well the other people at Graphics have been helping others, but for what it's worth the few times I've asked for help with css (I'm useless with code...) I've gotten some help.
  6. TrueRedDevil

    Graphics chat

    Good luck to whoever gets the chat, hope you can bring some life to the chat again.
  7. Messi cant compete in the Euro, so thats kinda unfair Kungen Zlatan <3
  8. Winner winner chicken dinner
  9. How about you make the mute button actually do what its supposed to do: Block all sounds
  10. Honestly, I wish I had even half the coding skill you had. And I wish I wasn't so hell bent on always using my own stuff so I could use these ;_;
  11. 100 rep club 👌

  12. I'd imagine editing an existing power would be easier than adding a new one. Money over user satisfaction
  13. This is something that should have been part of Rapid to begin with. Why is it a separate power?
  14. TrueRedDevil

    Yes or No

    No, Would you quit xat forever for $1000?
  15. Discord doesn't directly compete with xat, though. Discord's main focus is on gaming while xat is just a generic chat site. But I do agree that xat is a relic of the past, there are simply too many other better options while xat has stayed the same.
  16. TrueRedDevil

    Free Templates

    I just tried out Paint.net myself and I feel like it simply can't support many of the features needed to use the templates (layer styles for example). You could always try your luck with Gimp, I suppose.
  17. Not bad for a beginner. Keep working and you'll keep improving.
  18. But wouldn't it make more sense if it were the other way around? Flash is slightly out of date to put it nicely. The mobile app feels like it is there for the existing users, I doubt its brought many new users in
  19. How did it take you 10 years to make a forum account? edit: Nevermind then Im not sure how to feel anymore
  20. I think less is more. Simple as that.
  21. TrueRedDevil


    Well, here are the actual credits I found inside one of the fonts if you refuse to believe me. Notice the part where it says purchasing. I don't think you are allowed to share paid fonts unless you made them yourself
  22. TrueRedDevil


    I already checked some of the fonts, and many of them were paid fonts from outside dafont (which you used as "credit")
  23. TrueRedDevil

    Yes or No

    No, anine is bad for you But do you like anime?
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