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  1. No. But can I make fun of you?
  2. If I cant use Imgur (works outside of xatspaces) I usually use Tinypic or Cubeupload. Cubeupload would be perfect if I wasn't affected by a character limit. TInypic is pretty clunky but works fine for smaller images. You can always get around size limits and compression by being clever with CSS too. Also, according to the Tinypic FAQ; Not sure what the actual limit is but remember to compress your images properly. For example in Photoshop, use "Save for Web" and use a setting that doesnt affect image quality too much, while keeping filesize down. Not to mention most people using american internet will love you
  3. I feel your pain, imgur hasnt worked on xatspaces for a long time. I use tinypic for my xatspace, mostly because of the shorter URLs. For now, the only real option is to use another image host.
  4. I dont see a problem with things as they are right now. Though I guess my opinion is kinda biased..
  5. The first one is simple and sleek, even thought I'm not a huge fan of ponies I have to say its pretty nice The second one... it just looks quickly put together with not much thought. Try to work on the positioning of your text and the images (see what you did right in the first one and compare it to the second one)
  6. It would probably be better to link to the original downloads so that the actual author gets credit for their work. Also, make sure none of them are paid, because I'm sure piracy is against the forum rules (Say, like Antero, Beer Script, Dope Script) Unless you made them yourself of course, in that case just ignore me.
  7. What security problem would correctly aligning an object cause... nor was it ever mentioned that it was blocked for those reasons I feel its dumb enough that things get blocked because a very small minority could abuse something, we have a report button and a team of staff and volunteers for this
  8. Still cant use it for css when adding images to your (or, at least not in my case) Example: url('') top 60px left 50% no-repeat, Turns into: url('') top 60px left 50nope-repeat, Alternative to centering, for lack of better options: url('') top 60px center no-repeat,
  9. Old: embed{-webkit-filter:opacity(0)}embed:hover{-webkit-filter:opacity(1)}; With BBCode: iframe{-webkit-filter:opacity(0)}iframe:hover{-webkit-filter:opacity(1)}; I'll let you figure out the rest Sorry for the insane lack of updates.
  10. Those are some nice designs.
  11. Luck Good.
  12. Hasnt had many replies recently. Sadly
  13. Missed one.
  14. Could you please unblock the % sign? I wish my xatspaces worked again
  15. You should try some lighter colours sometime.