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  1. Crazy how long its been since we really had a proper chat, and sadly I will never get a chance to change that now...

    There were lots of things to be said and heard but I guess none of that really matters now... however...

    I am ever so grateful for having met you, for all the support and advice you gave, for all the bants we had, and of course those drunk text messages. 

    I will forever cherish these memories of you.

    It sad that I won't be able to visit you in Finland and drink your favourite beer with you like we planned,

    But I hope you're in a better place now, resting well and vibing to your odd music..


    Goodbye my dear old friend.. You will be missed <3


    1. Rida


      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I miss you a lot...💔

  3. 💛💙💜💚❤💝💟

  4. if you can read this message.........






    bring me a glass of wine.



  5. Abandon the Contributors.

    Democracy is a flawed concept in real life, what makes you think it will work any better here?
  6. Muminki's proposals from the cloud and others

    The correct name for this cartoon is "Moomin" (or Muumi/Muumin, in its native languages Finnish and Swedish. more info). The four .gifs are from the anime adaptation of the stories Also, afaik the Moomin company is pretty serious about their copyrights, so I don't really see how this would work.. Also, this show was pretty much my childhood.
  7. How did you discover xat?

    I was making a freewebs site, and that was so boring I ended up chatting on some silly chatbox instead.
  8. Can we date ? (;; are you free-vocado? (Sorry, I tried.)

    💝 💟


    1. TrueRedDevil


      No, avocadont wanna cheat on my girl.

    2. Lunala


      And who is your girl? 😭😒

  9. Favorite anime openings/endings?

    I always skip them, idk.