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  1. Hello dear Sydno,

    I have been banned on the Italian official xat group La_Stanza because of trolling (?), but me I only laughed three times in capital letters. I just wrote AHAHAHAHA <---   and that's all. 


    Waiting for a response,


    Best wishes



    AKA SpleenKingspacer.png

    1. Sydno




      Thank you for contacting me, I will be looking at your case.



      I suggest you send me a forum PM for further discussion.


      Thank you.

  2. I was trying using the broken heart as item in the pawn cos you know, nowadays girls in chat they break up. On Safari the pawn is not visible, even if you refresh the page and the code doesn't work on the proper space of your profile nickname.
  3. Single themed-hats are not workin prrr #blowraspberry 

  4. When trying to use the Xavi power on Safari, suddenly noticed that the tab wasn't responding to commands. Neither commands to change the aspect of the character nor the buttons "Reset" and "Save". The only way to use Xavi power is enter xat.com/login from another browser, for instance Chrome, open any xat room and go to Games tab on the left menu, then select Xavi icon and set your character. Accessories you had bought will appear on there.
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