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  1. After sending emails back and fourth in the ticket center to some random volunteer, I get told a warning email has been sent TO A NON-EXISTENT EMAIL ADDRESS, which I explained to this volunteer countless times that IT DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE, and that I have to wait and not reply to the volunteer for 7 days, all while implying that I am a hacker and trying to get access to someone else's account. I have provided all the required information accurately and even posted a copy of the most recent receipt from xats that I myself had purchased from the account when I was active. But oh no, even that wasn't good enough and I'm left replying to the same, repetitive security questions "Do you have any other xat accounts? What was the exact date of account creation? Do you have any powers?" What kind of absolute toiletry security system is this where it's costing me, a paying xat customer, a proverbial arm and a leg just to get access to my account again? I tell ya I have never seen such a shoddy way to recover an account. xat FAILS at customer service and giving their paying customers the benefit of the doubt.
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