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  1. This concern has been resolved, I don't know if I can lock my own post or not. Sorry if at any time I came off as rude or anything like that. I am happy to say that no abuse has occurred, and the 'blacklist' may have just been confusion on my part. I do however still disagree with how you can be demoted on an official chat based on your messages outside of the chat, we all say things we may not entirely mean in private chat or in an unofficial chat. As long as you're professional and courteous in the official chat, you should still hold your rank no matter what in my opinion. Thank you everyone for your input, and thank you for reading my post. Sorry that I didn't address every single reply, but I made sure to read them all.
  2. You demonstrate a misguided approach to this post. Let me reinterpret myself. There is no autoban list to my knowledge. There is no autokick list as well to my knowledge. However, I do have proof of a blacklist of users who cannot obtain staff rank. That is, and always will be the point of this post. There is a list of users who cannot obtain higher rank based on their messages whether it be inside or outside of official chats. It is not fair. I will advocate for this abolishment until appropriate action is taken to remove this blacklist. I respect many volunteers and most official chat staff but these lists on many official chats are unneeded/misguided. Blacklists exist to prevent certain users from obtaining higher ranks, meaning moderator+. **I do not have proof of abuse** however, I do have proof of blacklisting existing on at least two official chatrooms.
  3. Thank you and everyone else for your time. However, it's not 'fictional' whatsoever. There's a blacklist on at least two official chats that I know of. The purpose of this post was to ensure this system is not being abused, and highlighting ways it can and may very well be abused. Normal users like myself don't even know there was a blacklist so it was very surprising when I found out by talking to a few higher ranked members on a couple of these chats. I understand the purpose of this list a little better now, but I still believe it may be abused by people with their own personal bias. Even the chat I've earned tempmod at has a blacklist, granted I cannot view it nor do I have any interest in viewing. Trolls and inappropriate users will always be a problem, I myself tend not to be one of them but I still think blacklisting is terrible. xat itself does not maintain a blacklist, however the users xat appoints to run these chats sometimes do and we all should be mindful of this.
  4. I recently made a ticket regarding this suggestion, and they asked me to post it here. Any feedback would be appreciated! Hello, I am concerned about the Blacklist system on official chats. This is a system that can be abused by high ranking users to target certain individuals. Example: User1 is an owner of 'Lobby', and User2 says something rude/offensive that User1 dislikes. User1 then decides to put User2 on a blacklist because of this. There's no reason for a blacklist system to exist whatsoever. If anyone takes the time to earn a higher rank or attempts to prove themselves they should be given a fair shot at it despite what they say in any other chat or to any specific user. If anything blacklisting breeds animosity or bias towards any user on the list. **I have no proof of any abuse, but blacklisting can and may be abused** Thank you for reading! To users unfamiliar with what the blacklist is or never heard of it: It's a list of users who may have said something offensive (deemed so by anyone in power), even if messages were in other chats. These users are made ineligible for staff rank in the chat they're blacklisted in, even if they've done nothing wrong inside the specific chatroom. Imagine this, someone dislikes you for what you've said about them (even if it wasn't that bad). They then turn around and blacklist you from ever possibly becoming staff in an official chat. That's not fair at all. I didn't even know this existed until yesterday and it's honestly surprising.
  5. Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you guys think some of my ideas are good. I added a fifth idea based on the responses to this post. @xLaming 2. Recard and Yellowcard seems related to the football, then, wheres the Bluecard there? Doesn't exist (well, I think) - You're probably right, I didn't know it was sports related and if it is then my bad. Thanks for the info! @xLaming Suggestions 1st and 4th are really good. Mainly the 1st suggestion, I see it being added in a near future. - I appreciate your input and I thank you for thinking my ideas are good. I really like the first idea too! @Solange I don't see many people using redcard, so I don't think people would use this power at all. This would only be a useless power, to be honest. - Thanks for your input, I disagree that it'd be useless but it'd be immensely underused just like 'Red Card'. Based on your response, I added a fifth idea. I'd like to know what you think about it! @Solange I think this is a good idea, but instead of making these powers, I'd prefer if they modify the existing powers(Blueman and Pink) for this to be possible. This could be done once HTML5 is finished. - I think it'd be better as a separate power, so not every 'Blueman' or 'Pink' user is the same. I think of this idea as a power-up to those existing powers. However, I also like your idea so either way it's pretty cool. As for the first idea, there's no way I see hundreds of reports of inappropriate activity. There may be a few bad apples, but that's what rules are for @Solange. I think it's a really neat idea that many users can take advantage of, and maybe even make it a limited/epic group power so less people have access to it? By the way, I'm unsure if the tagging is annoying so if it notifies you too much let me know and i'll refrain from using the "@".
  6. 1.) Custom Blast Bans/Blast Kicks - This could be an add-on to the existing 'Blast Ban'/'Blast Kick' power but users can set custom ban/kick animations (using an uploaded gif/strip). This power could be used inappropriately, but can be easily reported and have their power revoked, similar to abusing 'Boot'. + I have no idea if this is even possible, if not, that's okay. It's just a thought I had. 2.) Blue Card - Similar to 'Red Card', but users who are Blue-Carded will kick themselves after sending a message in the chatroom. 3.) SuperBlueman and/or SuperPink - A powerup to the 'Blueman' and/or 'Pink' power, users with this power will not require 'Flashrank' to see their 'Blueman' or 'Pink' pawn while moderator/owner/main owner (similar to purple,gold,ruby, and everypower). - Owning this power will NOT put you higher on the userlist. + Implementing this will NOT affect 'Flashrank', as it's the only power to cycle between pawn and rank. I've seen people with purple/gold/ruby using 'Flashrank'. 4.) Reduce the price to send HUGs to 5 xats. - I know, it's only 10 xats to use a HUG. But come on! When was the last time you saw a HUG used? I haven't seen any at all unless I myself send them, so maybe lowering the price will encourage the use of HUGs? It's a pretty cool feature. 5.) Lower the rank required to use 'Red Card' - Almost no one uses 'Red Card' due to it being restricted to Main Owner. This can be lowered in 'GControl', but nobody does that. This power would be much better suited for Moderators+. As it is, this power is not very 'epic' at all. Sorry that these ideas aren't 'brand new', but i'm not very creative. I don't know if anyone already suggested these, I tried searching and found nothing but i'm pretty new to the forum so if they were please let me know. Also, sorry that there's more than one suggestion. I didn't wanna make four separate posts so I compiled some of my ideas to this one post. Thanks for reading!
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