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  1. thanks for the comment my friend!!! thanks for the comment :-)
  3. how can protect my group chat.from a raidbot or ddos attacks?
  4. on left side will be better....nice suggetion
  5. flash rank for small pawn in messange area... for pink,blueman,purple,gold and others will be cool...... l
  6. i haven't seen to any power anyone of these kisses....i wish come back..
  7. only hippo incloued now in kisses list.....will good idea to add again....or included with power
  8. from these kisses,only hippo includes today..in chats.... will be good to add and other again....or to release in power....
  9. RPD18ATH

    no auto-sign in

    my friend is not problem with sigh in......but the xat to get-back the service which can view online users...with oute singh automaticly .....like flash
  10. RPD18ATH

    no auto-sign in

    in html5 in no auto-sing in mode can't view online users, that could in flash pleace bring it back mode.... details in picture
  11. smileys::ill,swear,scn,meh,annoyed,atomished,omg,sinister,tired,fedup,ashamed,puke,spin2,wary,beye,shifty are not avalaible to classic power this i mean..... who??
  12. RPD18ATH

    big pawn

    other power wich missing...is power for pawn in size like image....
  13. i khow but i wrote ths post in fail.side of forum......
  14. RPD18ATH

    classic 2

    ne power wich needs xat is <<classic 2>> to work smileys that not work in classic the smileys are:ill,swear,scn,meh,annoyed,atomished,omg,sinister,tired,fedup,ashamed,puke,spin2,wary,beye,shifty
  15. very differnce are these powers than power which me suggect.. thanks for comment :-)
  16. samba power has martini only,which i haven't includs in my suggestion...... thank you my friend for comment
  17. about the new security mode 1) for mail authentication to come back on/off switch please also for security settiings in picture 2) to app new security type: with ticket to can made a second password in case tha locked out to unlock our register thanks
  18. missing for xat one power for drinks like emoji i have collection some icons for example these for smileys and the big image example for hug (effect)
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