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  1. praktor13

    classic 2

    smileys::ill,swear,scn,meh,annoyed,atomished,omg,sinister,tired,fedup,ashamed,puke,spin2,wary,beye,shifty are not avalaible to classic power this i mean..... who??
  2. praktor13

    big pawn

    other power wich missing...is power for pawn in size like image....
  3. praktor13

    classic 2

    i khow but i wrote ths post in fail.side of forum......
  4. praktor13

    classic 2

    ne power wich needs xat is <<classic 2>> to work smileys that not work in classic the smileys are:ill,swear,scn,meh,annoyed,atomished,omg,sinister,tired,fedup,ashamed,puke,spin2,wary,beye,shifty
  5. very differnce are these powers than power which me suggect.. thanks for comment :-)
  6. samba power has martini only,which i haven't includs in my suggestion...... thank you my friend for comment
  7. about the new security mode 1) for mail authentication to come back on/off switch please also for security settiings in picture 2) to app new security type: with ticket to can made a second password in case tha locked out to unlock our register thanks
  8. missing for xat one power for drinks like emoji i have collection some icons for example these for smileys and the big image example for hug (effect)
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