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  1. This is a known issue. If you find a new bug, please make sure to search for it under the Bug Tracker section first. To do that, first click here to go to the Bug Tracker section, click "Search" at the top right, then "Bugs", type the keywords that can relate to the bug you found, and click the magnifying glass icon to start the search. Run different searches with all the possible names that this bug could be identified with. If you don't find any, look for the right category of bugs, click "Add new bug" at the top right and fill the form with a summary of how is the bug and the steps to repro
  2. Stif

    tickle issue

    Regarding not showing users' information when they tickle you, we're aware of this issue. Thank you for reporting.
  3. @Demonattack If this happens again, please send me a private message so I can re-open this topic. Thank you.
  4. @Jasmine Does this still happen?
  5. Anyone here using Safari on a MacBook? Send me a private message, please.

  6. Changed Status to Fixed
  7. We're aware of this issue. Thank you for reporting. An update will be posted here once it's fixed. While we're working on a fix, logging out of the account you had in your browser should be enough to prevent this. To logout, hover "account" at the top right, click "logout" and confirm.
  8. @Demonattack Does this still happen? If you click the main chat tab and go back to tickle, does it still show "9 hours ago"?
  9. @Vevrok Does this still happen? I tested here and seems fixed.
  10. @Traviezo11 14. Unless a forum or topic specifically authorizes the use of a different language, English is the only language allowed. This includes other content areas, such as statuses. (A menos que un foro o tema autorice específicamente el uso de un idioma diferente, el Inglés es el único idioma permitido. Esto incluye otras áreas de contenido, como status.) Please read the forum guidelines before posting. (Lea las pautas del foro antes de publicar.)
  11. @DjPio Can you please point out which smilies are the blank ones? We need their code. Also, can you test these smilies again? Are you experiencing the same issue or is it fixed?
  12. Stif

    Not connecting

    @xLaming Are you both able to connect to Mundosmilies now?
  13. @BlackEuphoria So you meant left to right... Understood. (You could have replied to my answer saying it instead of editing the topic, but it's ok.) Your concern will be taken into account. Thank you.
  14. @Dani-De-Virreyes Yes, it's normal. It's just an old message mentioning the Flash chat login. However, the HTML5 login process is also done when you get this message. You can actually see the xatspace. This xatspace uses the standard xatspace model, and it used the flash player plugin to display the profile image that this user was using up to that point. The xatspace will be redesigned in the future. The message "Adobe Flash Player is no longer available" appears because Flash Player was discontinued by Adobe in December 2020. All content made using it can
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