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  1. Stif

    Toxic Graphics

    Definitely an awesome job, really liked it, well done!
  2. Happy birthday Lem! :$ <3

    1. lemona


      Obrigado Stiffy!! :$ 

  3. Could also add flags to pawns, like this:
  4. It's a scammer, ignore everything he says and report his account. xat admins and xat volunteers will never ask for your e-mail or password, nor even ask to disable or lower any of your security options. Always make sure their ID number and register name are on the official wiki list.
  5. You know when you search a friend on your friends list and a person with a different name appears and then you find out that these data used to be of your friend's ID previous owner? I had an idea that if this happens, when you click on your friends name and those data is updated, a request is sent to xats server to update these data and they would be updated in your browser's cookies as well, avoiding it to happening again. Thoughts?
  6. Stif

    Happy birthday Hound!

  7. Stif

    Happy birthday Mio!

    1. miaa



  8. Good night, To find out why your account was deleted, you must ask a volunteer to open a ticket for you under the "Account Block" department. To do that, you can private message a volunteer via forum, remember to include: Username and ID; Reason for needing a ticket; (In this case "Account Block") E-mail associated with the account that you have the problem; Also mention if you still have access to this email. Or you can contact them directly via chat, they usually can be found on Help or xat_test. You can check the response times of the departments here.
  9. Stif

    Happy birthday Paul!

    1. Paul



  10. Stif

    540 MIME

    Amazing power, good job @Mihay!
  11. Stif

    540 MIME

    Animated preview: Smilies: Pawns:
  12. Stif

    540 MIME

    ID: 540 Name: Mime Status: Limited Price: 239 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Mime This power was made by @Mihay.
  13. Stif

    Happy birthday Mike!

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