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  1. I don't disagree that it could be optional. That's a good thing to suggest. We could be able to have these protections or not if we have auth in the e-mail.
  2. The held you're getting isn't related to the protections you mentioned above. They must be manually enabled in order to protect you/get you blocked. You're getting held because you're away from your home location and when attempting to trade/transfer with it, it helds you for security purposes. While in Bosnia, open a ticket under "Location Update" to check if you can add this place as a home location.
  3. Stif

    account 5days held

    Those are automatic, there's no way to remove, you'll have to wait it out. If you want to use xat, you will have to turn off VPN while doing it, otherwise it will trigger held all the time.
  4. Stif

    account 5days held

    As I told you, turn off the VPN while using xat and then wait out the remaining held. You must open the ticket ONLY if you get held again after that.
  5. Stif

    account 5days held

    Since VPN is the cause, once it's turned off, you would just wait out the remaining held. Hopefully this won't trigger a new held.
  6. Stif

    account 5days held

    That's the cause. Turn off the VPN while using xat and wait out the remaining held. If you get held again even with the VPN turned off, open a ticket under "Account Hold".
  7. Stif

    account 5days held

    Are you using a proxy or VPN?
  8. Incluso en procesos automatizados pueden haber errores. Una vez que hubo un error, el ticket es necesario para que haya la verificación si la compra fue realizada, si el pago fue confirmado y si fue, agregar los xats adquiridos.
  9. Stif


    Un ticket debe ser creado en el departamento "Locked Out". Para poder crearlo, tendrás que abrir una solicitud de ticket. Para hacer eso, haz los pasos a continuación: Vaya al formulario de solicitud haciendo clic aquí; En "Type of Request", seleccione "Locked Out"; Escriba el nombre de usuario xat de la cuenta; El ID xat de la cuenta; Y el correo electrónico asociado a él. Hecho, su solicitud ha sido creada con éxito! Una vez creado el ticket, recibirá un e-mail con un enlace azul para continuar con el proceso de recuperación. Puede ver los tiempos de respuesta de los departamentos aquí. .
  10. The E29 you are getting while attempting to login means that your account is locked to another location and a ticket must be created under the "Locked Out" department. In order to get it created, you'll have to open a ticket request. To do that, do the steps below: Go to the request form by clicking here; On "Type of Request", select "Locked Out"; Type the xat username of the account; The xat ID of the account; And the e-mail associated with it. Done, your request has been created successfully! Once the ticket is created, you'll receive a e-mail with a blue link to proceed with the recovering process. You can check the response times of the departments here. .
  11. Stif

    Happy birthday!

  12. Happy birthday Solange! (hug) 

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      Thanks Stif! (hug)

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