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  1. Stif

    "Are You Human"

    Did you try every single step i sent you?
  2. Stif

    cuenta bloqueada error 55

    Si ya ha creado el ticket, sólo espere una respuesta, el departamento "Account Block" no está retrasado entonces no debe tardar.
  3. I confirm that i am holding the prize.
  4. Stif

    "Are You Human"

    Try the following procedures in order, if one doesn't work, go to the next one. Restart your internet modem and your computer; If you're using a proxy or VPN, turn them off; Clear the cookies/cache of your browser; (Restart the browser) If you're using Windows, use the Windows + R command, write CMD, then write ipconfig /flushdns and press enter; (Restart your computer) If you're using Wi-Fi, turn it off and try connect using a wired connection directly with your modem, see if the problem persists. Then, try again via Wi-Fi, if the problem happens again, do a factory reset on your modem. I hope one of the procedures solves your problem, good luck!
  5. Stif

    "Are You Human"

    Good night, Are you able to connect normally in other chats?
  6. Stif

    How to close this ticket ?

    After seeing the screenshot you private messaged me, i would advise you to ask a volunteer to close it for you.
  7. Stif

    How to close this ticket ?

    Can you screenshot this?
  8. Stif

    How to close this ticket ?

    They will answer eventually, there's no delayed departments so you should get an answer anytime soon.
  9. Stif

    How to close this ticket ?

    Just answer the ticket requesting the closure.
  10. @Brandon Could you please send me a private message? Thank you.

  11. Stif

    514 NOCARA

    Well, xat is multilingual. I'm not saying that i support this exactly situation, i think facehide would be better, but they did, that's it.
  12. Stif

    514 NOCARA

    Noface is a existing smiley so, they had to find an alternative.
  13. Stif

    514 NOCARA

    ID: 514 Name: Nocara Status: Unlimited Price: 200 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Nocara This power basically removes the face of the smileys. You'll be able to see some examples in @SLOom's comment.
  14. Happy birthday Jayden!

  15. Stif

    Mundosmilies background contest

    @iSanty received his prize, congratulations! @Luig also received his prize, congratulations! @Discann received his prize, congratulations!

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