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  1. Stif


    Thank you. You will be notified here once the nameless category issue is fixed.
  2. Stif

    Bug HTML5

    Thank you for reporting. An update will be posted here once it's fixed.
  3. Since Crow close i typing in Accounts problems

    Never get help only volunteer try to ask for personal info's and wy dont log from mail cant log.

    Explain several times i cant even log since is blocked and continue say cant help if not connect from my mail i have problem.

    1. Stif


      You're saying that you have a xat account attached to this e-mail, which you can't get new e-mails from xat, is that correct?


      You said you opened a ticket with a working xat account, which department you created it in?

    2. DJGalaxyWolf


      Yes in that mail i use in forum i have xat acount and cant reset my password or register . Exactly i cant get mails or anything . I create in Account Sections with working xat acount but the volunteer ask me to register with my mail not work and explain to him i cant since is not work.

    3. Stif


      Do you mind sending me a private message so we can figure this out?


      Go to my profile and click "Message" right after my profile photo.

  4. Stif


    Thank you for reporting the nameless category issue. You will be notified once this is resolved. However, deleting categories is working here. Clear your browser's cache, restart it, try again and let me know if it still happens and in which browser it happens.
  5. So you're saying that you have a xat account attached to this e-mail, which you can't get new e-mails from xat, is that correct? You said you opened a ticket with a working xat account, which department you created it in?
  6. Stif

    Gift dissapearing?

    Refresh the page and try again.
  7. Stif

    Gift dissapearing?

    So for one last time, clear your browser's cache, restart your computer, login again and check if your gifts are there. Try both flash and HTML5 to be sure. If even after that your gifts are still missing, you'll have to open a ticket under "A General Question or Concern" to get this investigated. To do so, after logged in, do the steps below: Open a new ticket here; Type your username and password; Type the e-mail associated with the account that you have the problem; Select the help topic "A General Question or Concern"; Type the subject, remember it has to be at least 5 words; Type the message describing what happened; And click on open ticket. Once the ticket is open, just wait for an answer.
  8. Stif

    Gift dissapearing?

    I sent a gift to a spare account and I bidded on an ID on auction and the gift is still there, so this is not related. Are you a paid user?
  9. Stif

    Gift dissapearing?

    I will try to reproduce this.
  10. Stif

    Gift dissapearing?

    Did you try clearing your browser's cache and restarting it?
  11. It's possible that the Flash version reporting tool has been disabled. If you want to report a chat, please add "?new" at the end of the chat URL (if they're not HTML5 by default), hover over "group" at the top right and click "inappropriate" to fill your report. You can use this model instead: https://xat.com/report?GroupName=CHATNAME#!group Replace CHATNAME with the name of the chat you want to report.
  12. Happy Independence Day USA!

  13. Very nice suggestion, not to mention the examples. I hope we can see this power over here anytime soon!
  14. Thank you everyone. Thank you Cupim for the inspiring words. That is exactly what all this is about, the future, the new. xat has a really long history, several chapters of an endless book, a history that we are writing together. In these chapters we faced several situations, some good, some bad, but each one of them contributed to xat's history and to the improvement of the service as a whole. All of us involved, from all over the world, contributing together, in our own way. Now, a new and very important chapter is beginning, a chapter that will change everything, which opens up an opportunity to make xat a bit like every user has ever wanted it to be. And for that, we will be necessary once more. I ask you to stop by, to give your input, share ideas, express opinions, report issues, everything is welcome to help in this phase. Beyond that, I ask you to open your mind, to be open to the possibilities that this will, and already is, bringing us. I know we are all accommodated with xat's flash version but don't be afraid of the new. It may be strange at first but, now with HTML5, a xat we've never seen or could have thought of before becomes possible. I look forward to help on this journey with you all and make xat even better!
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