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  1. Stif


    Good afternoon, Yes, it can be released. For that, you'll need a ticket under "Short Names and Groups". After successfully logged in on your account, do the steps below: Open a new ticket here; Type your username and password; Type the e-mail associated with your account; Select the help topic "Short Names and Groups"; Type the subject, remember it has to be at least 5 words; Type the message describing your request; And click on open ticket. Good luck!
  2. Stif

    User app and game suggestions

    @Jedi Don't forget to make it able to give prizes, please.
  3. Stif

    Active and Creative

    Unnecessary, i would say.
  4. Stif

    problem with the purchase of xats and dais

    What kind of problem exactly?
  5. Stif

    separate from the online list

    Because the list is organized by the ID number, regardless of whether the person is online through the chat or the mobile application.
  6. Stif

    Locked Out !

    Good night, To solve your problem, a ticket must be created under the "Locked Out" department. In order to get it created, you'll have to open a ticket request. To do that, do the steps below: Go to the request form by clicking here; On "Type of Request", select "Locked Out"; Type the xat username of the account; The xat ID of the account; And the e-mail associated with it. Done, your request has been created successfully! Once the ticket is created, you'll receive a e-mail with a blue link to proceed with the recovering process. You can check the response times of the departments here. Good luck!
  7. Stif

    APPBOT power, user apps and games

    These projects will be able to use in just one chat or will we be able to post them for use in other chats?
  8. Stif


    You're not being ignored, please wait for an answer on your ticket.
  9. Stif

    xat ID

    Welcome to xat.com! Go to a random xat chat, type register, enter and click on the "register" word. It will take you to the registration form.
  10. Stif

    Power Cupid :D

    Please make sure that your suggestion follow the rules of the following post:
  11. Stif

    Happy birthday!

    1. Sydno


      Thank you Stif!

  12. Stif


    Sim, é um serviço pago mensalmente ou você pode comprar um período maior de uma vez. Sobre como colocar um bot no seu chat, você vai ter que visitar um dos chats dessas companhias para que possam te instruir melhor sobre isso. https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Bot/pt-br
  13. Stif


    Esse é só o power BOT, com ele você vai poder contratar um serviço de bot em uma das empresas disponíveis, veja aqui.
  14. Stif


    Para dar boas vindas no chat privado, você precisa ter um bot no seu chat. Para depender só de power, é o announce e a mensagem aparece apenas no chat principal.

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