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  1. New rank for official xats/tributes

    @Rida It's not a title on forum. It's just a title to put in their blogs. And we shouldn't give attention to pointless cries.
  2. New rank for official xats/tributes

    The idea was just for the chat's management and blog, i don't think the Emeritus as a special rank inside the swf is needed. But yet, is a good idea to apply on all the official/tribute chats.
  3. Safe Trade Assurance

    Based on your original idea, it could be done by adding a icon of the allpowers or the everypower in the power list when all their powers be added, at the same way we see on the powers box, only when you have all the powers it will show the everypower or the allpowers icon on the top of the list. Would be useful for all the other groups of powers as well. This is a old idea though and probably will be added only on HTML5.
  4. Happy birthday!


    The contest has ended, the winners are: OneForAllMight (1527275747)[OCTO], IIIFaahIII (400666660)[MARK] and Nixs (71793878)[MARK]! Congratulations! Contact me within 24 hours to receive your prize! EDIT Prize paid! IIIFaahIII (400666660)[MARK] Nixs (71793878)[MARK] OneForAllMight (1527275747)[OCTO]

    Hello everyone, i decided give one new power randomly to one user of the forum. Just reply with your register name and id in this topic to participate; Don't use other accounts to try increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified; The winner(s) has to contact me within 24 hours to receive their prize, otherwise another winner will be randomly selected; Due to the last contest where one of the winners didn't contact me to receive his prize, the prize (mark power) will be given as a additional prize on this contest (2 winners); Deadline to post: 14/10/2017 20h00 BRT | Countdown here. The winner will be chosen in Alazar. EDIT Another mark power added as prize, there will be 3 winners.
  7. i been lock out

    Correct the errors: The e-mail associated with the account that you have the problem has to be typed in the first box; The subject has to be at least 5 words. (e.g. I changed my ISP need update location)
  8. Power

    Too early for that i think I don't think make it for the text typed on the chat would be a good idea, for me this is something which shouldn't be changed. Change the colors of the text typed on the chat, even the font, it's kinda ridiculous. (My opinion) The idea for the status shouldn't be forgotten but, considering that if it be made will be a epic power, wouldn't be a good thing now. As @Angelo said, namegrad can be manipulated to get this effect, just need learn its use.
  9. i been lock out

    Due to error 29, you will have to create a ticket under the help topic "Locked Out" and being locked makes the procedure of opening a new ticket difficult so, follow the steps below to open a ticket: - Open the incognito mode of your browser; - Open a new ticket here; - Type in the first box the e-mail associated with the account that you have the problem; - Select the help topic "Locked Out"; - Type the subject, remember it has to be at least 5 words; - Type the message describing your issue; - And click on open ticket. Then you just have to wait for an answer from the volunteers. You can check the response times of the departments here. If the procedure above don't work, then you can message a vol via forum, you can see them here; Or you can contact them directly via chat, they usually can be found on Help or xat_test.
  10. WIN MARK

    The contest has ended, the winners are: SmartLove94 (244010497) and JohnnySins (180043914)! Congratulations! Contact me within 24 hours to receive your prize! EDIT Prize paid! SmartLove94 (244010497) JohnnySins (180043914) (pending) (if he don't contact me until the start of the next contest, the power will be added as prize on it)
  11. Time for barbecue (cool)

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      20 anos dps (ugh)

      Sorte que está pronto, pode vir. :$ 

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      Aqui só tem maminha:$ 

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      E aqui tem fraldinha. :$ 

  12. IDs for sell / IDs a venda M digit | (16M) M digit | (22M)* 4 digits | (1997) 6 digits | (100047)* 6 digits | (152590) 8 digits | (10241024) 8 digits | (10961096) 8 digits | (35989223) 8 digits | (97597007) IDs which will be available for sell / IDs que estarão disponíveis para venda 5 digits | (80808) | available on october 25th / disponível em 25 de outubro The 9 and 10 digits list you can check at my xatspace As listas de 9 e 10 dígitos você pode ver na minha xatspace Sold IDs / IDs vendidas 23M, 24M, 173M, 1994, 20015, 20202, 100001, 101314, 143143, 190303, 251189, 600006, 800008, 1000012, 1000023, 1000027, 1000028, 1000040, 1000057, 1000060, 1000064, 1000087, 1000093, 1000097, 1010000, 1030507, 1616161, 3100000, 3900000, 5500000, 5550555, 6600000, 8000008, 8080808, 10000016, 10300000, 10881088, 12141214, 16788378, 20162017, 20172017, 41423917, 41685732, 52152625, 56451067, 61622991, 63187181, 66046937, 68584578, 69364892, 70509693, 71802590, 73092740, 75894443, 80634039, 81122634, 84989153, 88351389, 89441023, 90229816, 90332060, 90710375, 90791130, 91667566, 91766746, 93658205, 94646190, 95277629, 96335190, 96637945, 96988422, 97309222, 97940985, 99817387 and/e 100000001. The IDs with a "*" are IDs which came directly from auction. In another words, no one registered them before. As IDs com um "*" são IDs que vieram diretamente do leilão. Em outras palavras, ninguém as registraram antes. If you want one of them, contact me /f1997 Stifler Se você quer uma delas, contate-me /f1997 Stifler If you don't find me online, find a chat with a FEXBot and say: "!mail Stif message" or contact me on the mobile app KIK, my nickname is: "stifxat". I will answer you as soon as possible. Se você não me achar online, procure um chat com um FEXBot e diga: "!mail Stif mensagem" ou contate-me no aplicativo móvel KIK, meu nick de usuário é: "stifxat". Te responderei o mais rápido possível. I have more and shorter IDs to sell, but according with rules, i can't sell them here, you can find them on my xatspace. xat.me/Stif Eu tenho mais e IDs mais curtas a venda, mas de acordo com as regras, não posso vendê-las aqui, você pode encontrá-las no meu xatspace. xat.me/Stif This id list is constantly updated when new IDs get ready to sell, keep your eye on it! Essa lista de ids é constantemente atualizada quando novas IDs são disponibilizadas para venda, fique de olho!
  13. WIN MARK #3 + DAYS

    Stif (1997)
  14. New version of xat "HTML5"

    Maybe that's why they made it look like the mobile version, trying to make the UI more friendly to the users. Considering it's just the alpha test, they may change the UI until the final version be completed.
  15. A good weekend!

    Stif (1997) Are you human? No, i'm a user on the grid. Son of Flynn.