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  1. Lmfaooo nice pic love xd 

    1. DiddyDoodat


      I thought so :D

  2. Congrats  sweety ! (hug)

    1. Lemona


      Thanks (hug)

  3. Hey sorry for this Topic i just wanna to know where I can report a volunteer ? if I make a ticket he will also answer so not working, what can I do ?
  4. Happy B-day King(hug) i wish you luck and health !

    1. Maverick


      Thank you. I really appreciate it. 

  5. Happy B-day Sydno !(hug)Happy Birthday GIF by MOODMAN

  6. IRINA


    Hello i have a idea for a new power in the future PCBACK-GIFF.
  7. IRINA

    Congrats Stifi(blowkiss)!

    1. Stif


      Thank you! 

  8. Miss u dear (hug) i hope you are fine !!!

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    2. IRINA


      miss u too 

    3. DUYGU


      I miss you too dear I am happy to see you again. How are you honey? I hope you are fine.

    4. DUYGU


      Irina honey  (hug) 


  9. What song you listen right now ?

  10. IRINA

    Heyo Guys.

    Hello sorry for this topic but I have to ask a question when translator will be available in HTML5 ?
  11. i talk with her already and it s ok now !
  12. Miss you dear !(rolleyes)sad breakfast club GIF

    1. Sevda


      Ouch :( 


      I miss you too honey,  but I'm not completely gone, its just for a certain time :$  And you can find me always here (blowkiss)(hug)


  13. https://xat.com/chat

    The International xat Chat

    Meet People around the world!

    teyana taylor laughing GIF

  14. @Shizuo

    Come to xat Chat Shizuo organised a game for you! (Doodlerace/Event), Good Luck everyone! 

    (irina xat Chat) https://xat.com/chat

  15. Good Luck Everyone!
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