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  1. I think my suggestion would be more adjustable which means more easier, some people may don't like having the video be placed on one side while the whole chat is being pushed all the way to a different side. having the two options could be a good idea for all people whether having the video anywhere you like or having it as a side-app.
  2. Oh well, didn't know it was done earlier, anyway there are still some suggestion that can be taken from this thread which is moving the video to the outside of the chat's borders to be able to watch a video plus chatting with other people at the same time, and it would be better if we replaced the video tab with the tab that displays the names of the chats. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. Hello, this may seem a minor problem but thought I should share it with you, I was taking a look at the smilies, the yellow ones. and found that (o_O) is missed and has been replaced with (o) instead, so every time I type (O_o) it turns into (o) which is the clock wall, and the other one is no longer there. This is the only one I have noticed not sure if there are more being misnamed or missed
  4. This problem could be both client/server-side error, I think it may seem to be both in your case. Have you changed your chat name recently lower-case letter was changed to upper-case? Maybe the server back then couldn't recognize that slight change in the URL, because it seems that from the way the problem was solved that the error has occurred when you typed Frtka the "f" with uppercase, it's imperative to make sure that the URL is typed all correctly. Without any further ado, if this error happens again you can try refreshing the page multiple times to get the right connection between the Web-Server and your web browser also try to clear cache/cookies when it happens again. Note that I can access the chat right now even if I changed the letters case, you also may have been able to access it like me.
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