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  1. iVlad

    Ads provide

    Awesome. This is good to know as Postimages is a good hosting site.
  2. iVlad

    Ads provide

    @Maverick, I agree with you. https://postimages.org Sounds like a better option for banners/avatars uploads. Let's see what the Admins think.
  3. iVlad

    Ads provide

    @xPedro, I agree with you. The following domains are a good idea to be added, replacing Tinypic, https://imgur.com https://postimages.org/ @Maverick, I believe https://photobucket.com/ should be considered as well as it will be replacing Tinypic, as their welcoming banner states. However, though, some xat users wouldn't want their public photobucket profile to be accessible due to exposing personal information. This could be an "under consideration" idea.
  4. Exactly, Solagne. I believe this will be a cool power for us to use when joking with friends. It could be used a lot in the gaming chat groups, as well. Any other ideas from the community?
  5. Yeah, I think it would be awesome! If you guys, as volunteers, could bring the idea over to the admin to make it happen it would be a dream! I may have a few vague ideas of smilies for it so hit me up here or in xat. SrChipotle (1534453870)
  6. Sounds catchy, right? You can use it when you're chatting and joking with your friends. I just recently started using it amongst Latin xat groups and they find it hilarious! It should come with all crazy smilies like a smile losing a game or a smile holding up a Noob sign, kind of like the (onair) power. What do you all think?
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