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  1. Stif, it's too much boring security. It's not a bank account. It's just a chat website. This "confrimation login code" is enough by email to click, or add this Google Authenticator. All other location/browser security is just boring for a xat customer. I can understand you, you are probably whole day sitting at home and thinking about your xats and id's... paranoid to lost them. But a regular, non obssesive user does not need that much security. If it's lost, it's lost, buy new and be smarter next time.
  2. Hello guys, I think xat is too protective. I know it's good to have security, but this country/ip/browser restriction is a bit too much. I travel a lot, because I'm an abroad worker. I work in Switzerland, then in the end of month I go to my home country Bosnia (just 1 hour of flight between this countries). And this country restriction is boring me, because I can't trade or do something, because I'm always in this unnecessary held for location changing. My suggestion is to remove all that "security" because it pointless for many users in Europe, as we work abroad usual
  3. I was telling that to @Angelo or @Sydno on the help page. He told me he has same problem, and will contact admin. (idk is angelo or sydno, but one is, had owner)
  4. Yes, directly from domain www.xat.com also tryed from the flash one www.xat.com/index3.php too, but same problem. Still no account.
  5. It says my email is not even existing. And I've clicked the url from the same email. Then I've tryed to make a account with @gmail address and same problem. Can you please try to create a random acc to check If the problem is just for me or for everyone?
  6. Hello. I can't register. I create a new account, I go to email and click the verification url. It redirects me to xat login page where I need to enter details of new account (username and password). I type the details in, and boom error 25. Account is not existing. Exact message is: iSchmoopieBoo: Wrong username/email or password E25. Tryed using Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Same error at all.
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