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  1. xRavennn

    Heyo Guys.

    The translator works in HTML5. You need to click on your name -> Settings -> Translator -> Enable Translate -> Select language -> Save Settings.
  2. Happy Birthday Abraaahan

    .Birthday Wishes GIF by Happy Birthday GIFs

    1. Abrahan


      Thanks Raven, I am so happy to receive congratulations from Romania haha! 🤭🌎

  3. Happy birthday, Lem. (blowkiss)

    1. Lemona


      Thanks Raven! (hug)

  4. xRavenette (544545627)
  5. come here kitty GIF

    1. Enge


      Awww so cute (toj)

    2. xRavennn


      Much love <3.

  6. xRavenette (544545627)
  7. Happy birthday!

    1. Shizuo


      Thanks Raven ! (blowkiss)

  8. xRavenette (544545627)
  9. Happy birthday! (La multi ani!)

    Happy Birthday GIF

    1. Bau


      Multumesc frumos!

  10. Hello @theFlower This post is meant to remind us a brief history of this day and where it started, and she also mentioned our rights and we are a united community, no matter where we are. Happy Woman Day too @Marya and @theFlower
  11. xRavenette (544545627)
  12. xRavenette (544545627)
  13. Good morning, everyone!

    monday GIF

  14. Good morning. sis.

    running late olsen twins GIF

    Have a nice Sunday! Love you!! <3

    1. Enge


      Happy Good Morning GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals


                              Good Morning dear love you(blowkiss)

  15. Happy Birthday.

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