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  1. have rooms use iframe player? tou without tend / now remember to fix iframe player / now you already have some on xat.com tou without tend which troll is this ?? [removed] [removed] iframe players cloned up to / from generators / neither belong to xat.com nor are they created by them have more rooms calm / player [removed] iframe ????
  2. rules of the vc page and regulate the players of the people «« create or those placed own player of the own server in the xatradio to approve / many html5 player of the server nor has anything of inappropriate creates saber where it has photos of inappropriate in the players this new option vc do not understand anything about html5 or you manage pk you want, or you don’t even know how to do your full job yet you do your job right «« removing players from users «« where has this rule that html5 iframe player is prohibited where has this / copyright can explain to me i'm not seeing any of this in any place, by chance there are rooms with these iframe players in spanish have about 20 or even more ««? in the end ( xlaming ?????????
  3. player has not been cloned nor has inappropriate photos ok <iframe src="https://sonicpanel.oficialserver.com/cp/widgets/player/single/?p=8060" height="110" width="100%" scrolling="no" style="border:none;"></iframe> this code pertains my resale of altomatico radios nor does it have photos of other types that you can buy https://prnt.sc/11b5u39 there are many rooms that have this type of html5 iframe player «« Copyright © SonicPanel, 2021. All Rights Reserved. Hello, as have been said before for a good and long time players with iFrame, inappropriate images/links, and players that are copy from other creator are not allowed, you know as well about this rules, so please stop the drama , you’ve been warned a lot of times about these questions. erro ««« __________________________________________________________________________page you are wrong ____________________________________________________ error sky page you are very wrong «« you don't know things depending on the players / pk he pertains my sales company to me any one «« you have to see first before you regulate player pk there is nothing inappropriate or photos that you take ««
  4. your mistake has too many rooms with player generators that you do not register cloned players from other types of generators nor do you belong to xat / flame xat always accepted only now tou do in fact I have 6 player with flame activated and approved ok / pk ta something dismissed these / flame lol / my serve has its own flame server player always worked on xat, there are many rooms that have a player flame I have links to all rooms that have flame ta taking me out only or can I enjoy my face ne «« boy
  5. where is the rule of false ban could explain to me ??.
  6. problem ta seeing / xat walks kingjeitar the player has flame nor in the xatradio it says that, but ok they say player are cloned, they are not, pk belongs to the server, and something else was treated badly in the help, I also checked them of course, pk no I think it is right that they regulate my player, pk only pk has flame, I can't find any mistake in that, pk always gave player flame at xatradio now remember to reject people's players, we still talk about snake xat radio 1 k, I think it's wrong already xat walks bankrupt every day, people try to put it on their feet, they still want to take xats and people's money, already take xats and days powers, from xat expenses, you still have to pay for the player flame test, I think this is an error, I could see automatic approval, but I don't have any confusions. There is a player generator, so I think it's an error. there's nothing to explain on xat radio flame is forbidden, pk player is an insane player who touches the client's radio I think wrong help staff will banish me 400 hours for telling me the truth, still talking to me I didn't like it I fought and scolded them , ready I said everything / error xat bugos and other problems before the future is good, ta break it ««
  7. no idea new power no, a name change to have text color or gif type animation for person to have colors option or gif with name only (with Css)
  8. yes that, RobFerrari is top on xat normal color text or gif animation instead of the chat name, as if using CSS previously. no idea new power no, a name change to have text color or gif type animation for person to have colors option or gif with name only (with Css)
  9. sorry but like that / sorry there portuguese mixed with english / but what is there ?? an idea, I don't know if it's good ??
  10. https://prnt.sc/10kv2uf https://prnt.sc/10kv9gb tipo isso uma forma entederem aff nome mudaça cor ou animate «« uma sugestão like that a way to understand aff name change color or animate «« a suggestion
  11. Garfield

    Dress Power

    i like it, awesome!
  12. Garfield

    powers bug

    https://prnt.sc/xiefmm power events / type of person even transfer all powers the bank is in the blocked account / and says it was drilled in a group room / 1 bug and another. when we enter a room, does another room appear? strange group / powers have no blastrpo effect and other games / powers have no decoration / zip tbm ta bugado /
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