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  1. Garfield

    Dress Power

    i like it, awesome!
  2. https://prnt.sc/xiefmm power events / type of person even transfer all powers the bank is in the blocked account / and says it was drilled in a group room / 1 bug and another. when we enter a room, does another room appear? strange group / powers have no blastrpo effect and other games / powers have no decoration / zip tbm ta bugado /
  3. oi amigo preçiso ajuda ?

  4. oi amigo stif poderia me ajudar ??

    1. Stif


      Sim, eu já mandei uma mensagem sobre o seu chat em específico, deve ser resolvido em breve.

    2. Stif


      Seu chat já foi corrigido.

  5. xat.com/gadueamigosvip


     Aprender a pronunciar

    room is not appearing in xat not activated, has disappeared as active room?

    1. SLOom


      @hdplayers Your group is now fixed.


      You can access it: xat.com/gadueamigosvip?z

    2. Garfield
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