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  1. Norman

    602 GAMER

    Nice one! Good job, @iSanty!
  2. xat culture is using xat smiley codes on Discord.

    1. David


      me on discord: | - )

    2. Norman


      As you should. 8-)

  3. Awesomeeeee!!! The ID 600 did not disappoint.
  4. If ID 600 won't be something actually worth it, I'm signing off. 

    1. Leandro


      it's a power called baghead

  5. About time! The gays stay winning as usual. Briliant work @iSanty!
  6. Happy Birthday, queen! (blowkiss)

  7. ¡Felicidades, Mihai! Espero que estés teniendo un día fantástico. (hug)

    1. Mihai


      Gracias (hug)

  8. Norman

    pride pawn

    Sorry if a unicorn or an egg don't represent me. It must be me.
  9. Norman

    pride pawn

    I did not mean to make accusations, but the justification of ''it is a business thing'' just isn't it. xat should pay more attention to the users (which number is on a clear decline) than business. Not releasing a power about LGBT rights because a part of the community is conservative whilst many others have been asking for it during years shows that they are just ignoring the issue. There are lots of LGBT people using xat. This is THE statement. It's 2020.
  10. Norman

    pride pawn

    Excuse me? Are you joking? You certainly know that some users would disapprove a pride power since they are not supportive towards the LGBT community, but justifying homophobia by saying that being homosexual, bisexual, trans... is illegal in some countries? If I were from a country where it is not allowed to be LGBT I would be very proud to see that at least a website I frequently spend my time with friends supports me and encourages me to be who I really am and love whoever I want to. Next time just say that you don't want it to be implemented instead of giving a mediocre justification.
  11. Norman

    pride pawn

    It could as well be implemented as a new power, since there isn't any PRIDE power to date. The idea of having it only on June is nice but it's not like we're LGBT only during pride month.
  12. Btween2Lungs (1534734674)
  13. I already know who is going to like this power the most... @Blacky
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