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  1. Hello, Unfortunately, the contests didn't meet our expectations and didn't have the expected return compared with the investments that were being made. As such, we have decided to terminate this series of contests. Thank you all who supported us & joined us in the last few weeks!
  2. And today's Saturday! Don't miss our weekly event later today @ Casino!
  3. Today's event is now LIVE and will start in a few minutes!
  4. And the next event is today! Join us starting at 19h45 GMT / 20h45 London time (GMT+1) / 15h45 EST / 12h45 EST to be able to win 1500 free xats (or more) on game contests!
  5. Hello, Following the last 2 week's experience, we have decided to make the following changes: We have decided to merge the two weekly contests into one. The weekly contests at Casino will now happen every Saturday, starting at 19h45 GMT / 20h45 London time (GMT+1) / 15h45 EST / 12h45 EST. Each Saturday, a minimum prize of 1500 xats in total will be awarded. The chat will no longer be registered only as the promote feature doesn't allow it. The chat is also now English only. The decision to merge the two contests into one is due to the fact that Fridays are much more weak in terms of activity/participants than Saturday.
  6. Hello, everyone! This week, we will have only one contest, tomorrow (Friday, May 10th) starting at 20h30 GMT / 21h30 London Time / 13h30 PDT / 15h30 EST. As Saturday's contest is being merged in Friday's contest, this means that tomorrow's contest will give away a minimum of 2000 xats! Hope to see you there tomorrow!
  7. Thank you for the feedback @SREric! And today's event has just started!
  8. Today's contest is over! We awarded more than 1500 xats today! Thank you all for being there! Hope to see you there tomorrow, at the same time: 16h30 Brasília | 20h30 London Time | 19h30 CET/GMT
  9. Hi, Just a reminder: The chat Casino opens today at 20h30 GMT/London time with its first contest! We hope to see you there!
  10. Every Saturday, your luck is at chat Casino! Starting this week, chat Casino will host contests with xats as rewards every Saturday at 19h45 GMT&CET / 20h45 London Time / 16h45 Brasília. The prizes will be awarded to the users online at the chat at the moment, in different ways. Some examples are game contests (matchrace, spacewar, ...), random giveaways or simply with QA rounds. The chat is English only. Important: The chat only opens officially this Friday, May 3rd around 8:30 PM GMT/CET with the first event. Until then, the chat is closed and in members-only mode. Please also consider the information below: The amount of xats that will be given may vary. However, every event day, a minimum of 1500 xats will be awarded. Should it be impossible to host a contest on a particular day due to personal reasons, users will be notified as soon as possible, including in this topic. If that happens, the event might even be rescheduled to another date and time or the prize might accumulate on another event day. Be aware that the weekdays and/or the times may change accordingly with the participants' feedback and/or affluence. Other special/extraordinary events may be organized. We will keep this post updated. This project is being launched in "beta"/experimental phase. This means that we offer no guarantee about the continuity of this project and it might be cancelled in the future for any reasons (i.e lack of participants or unsatisfactory participation rates). Should it happen, it will be publicly announced. We may adapt this structure/guidelines in the future. We hope to see you there this Friday at 8:30 PM GMT/CET for the inauguration!
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