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  1. Good job, many mistakes still but it's amazing this idea html5 promises many good things for xat. I like Solange idea of having a single power that makes work different types of adhesives that are added in the future.
  2. Keiner


    Very good idea, I like it although I would say that instead of 5 better 3 not so many
  3. Keiner


    It's a good idea but seeing it as a new power would not be so eye-catching, doing it as an update of the away if
  4. Since we can classify our list of friends, it would also be good to add personalized colors to the different categories, it would be very good and the function would not be so simple for users. Example: In the menu, it would be something like Example: Example 2 in real time: https://i.imgur.com/9ewDk6U.mp4
  5. Excellent idea, I totally agree.
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