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  1. iiiiKeiner (133029547)
  2. Excellent work @iSanty the community is delighted with your work I hope you continue with the same dedication for your next projects I love this power for its different ways in which it can be combined . .
  3. We agree that Santy is an excellent designer and I have no doubts about that and that is good to make him want and spend time to have a power well done. And I know the work it takes to code etc. each one of the powers is not an easy job and we know that they are doing everything possible so that we have the sharkfx and at the same time a new power and if I also agree with you that the rainbow does not need an fx. Making combinations I am very bad and ps I love the pawns and the smiley (rbfly) It's not about blaming someone for not having the sharkfx on time, there are priorities like HTML5 that require the most attention from everyone working on the project.
  4. Nice job @iSanty day 6 without sharkfx
  5. I am Groot iiiiKeiner (133029547)
  6. Keiner

    595 JAWS

    Congratulations @iSanty
  7. Congratulations @Stif
  8. I received the 500 xats prize. Thanks for answering my questions.
  9. Every day you learn something new and that is good you just have to give thanks and keep learning.

    1. iSanty


      That's life about.

  10. Already with the MEDICAL power is enough in the year 2022 when we reviewed the list of powers and looked for the date in which the power was launched, we will remember that at that time we were going through a pandemic and that the doctors were honored with a power AND also reminding us everyone at xat how important it is to take care of health if it would be excellent in the future to have a collection with various powers related to medicine, one of those permanent pawns would be the mask (I think) but all in due course.
  11. iiiiKeiner (133029547)
  12. 1) What was your reaction to becoming a volunteer? 2) From your point of view as a volunteer and main Chat owner, what does the xat community lack to be much better than now?
  13. I think my suggestion has come true thanks to the smile makers for this power.
  14. This suggestion has been thought out and suggested before, but I also like the idea and it can be a perfect power to customize our masks and what the mask contains is an animation, if I explain it well? Example woman mask the customization that the mask has would be with animation so that the power is not so basic. These are the mask types I've discovered so far on xat
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