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  1. Keiner

    Feliz cumpleañoos Piita Que disfrutes tu dia hermosa te extrañamos en noticias  :( bendiciones.

    1. Pia


      Muchas gracias Keii 🤗 cuando quieras puedes visitarme en hablar! Jaja 

  2. Keiner

    552 HEAT

    Welcome Heat to superhobbies
  3. Keiner

    551 AHAIR

    Well I like that smile but not the power I'm not surprised because I've seen more ugly powers, but work is also valued. Power reminds me of the old xat The creators of smiles from the first moment knew that they would not be voted positively but they are already bigger things. The only thing I do not agree with is to wait 2 weeks to have a new power.
  4. Happy Birthday Leandro 

    1. Leandro


      Muchas gracias!

  5. Welcome to the superhobbies.
  6. The bots allow us to see how many units we can acquire as long as the meter is available, it would not be a bad idea to have that information with or without a meter. always in xatNoticias we track the units and verify and confirm the number of units seen by each staff and collaborating users, but it would also be an excellent idea to add more description (units in total) to the new powers or to all of them in general.
  7. What a great talent you have my respect, while I was having a coffee, I did this with your drawings and I thought that if we have a dog with stickers. Why can not we have a crocodile label based on his drawings? Someone can do better. (Photoshop) wanted to see it with colors.
  8. I love this power, excellent work.
  9. Good job, many mistakes still but it's amazing this idea html5 promises many good things for xat. I like Solange idea of having a single power that makes work different types of adhesives that are added in the future.
  10. Keiner


    Very good idea, I like it although I would say that instead of 5 better 3 not so many
  11. It's a good idea but seeing it as a new power would not be so eye-catching, doing it as an update of the away if
  12. Since we can classify our list of friends, it would also be good to add personalized colors to the different categories, it would be very good and the function would not be so simple for users. Example: In the menu, it would be something like Example: Example 2 in real time: https://i.imgur.com/9ewDk6U.mp4
  13. Excellent idea, I totally agree.
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