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    Good afternoon ! I would like to ask for help with to a chat room player who blocked a well-functioning IP address! http://s02.zapto.org:6030/ Thank you.
  2. Good evening ! Please help me! http://crazypartyradio.ddns.net:6030/CrazyParty.Radio XatRadio says it's on a white list but xat blocks ip! <source src = "http://crazypartyradio.ddns.net:6030/CrazyParty.Radio" type = "audio / mp3"> I went to xatradio to create new html5 player codes <audio controls autoplay = "autoplay"> <source src ="http://xatradio.com/html5.php?ip=crazypartyradio.ddns.net&port=6030&extra=/ stream? type = .mp3 "type =" audio / mp3 "> Not supported! </audio> Accepts ip de nem speaker!I will ask you if you would help me in this matt
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