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  1. I thought to suggest a game to make xat more active.  A casino slots game. https://prnt.sc/w0w3oz   https://www.amazon.de/Xtreme-Slots-Vegas-Casino-Machines/dp/B00M35T1I2 

    Users can win something with xats. (xats.powers...)  
    To increase the chance of winning you can deposit xats.  Or without paying anything. (free game)

    What do you think about that? For your feedback I am very grateful. :$ 

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  2. I want to propose power a wight .  A gnome, also called gnome or gnome, is a small fantasy creature that does good, especially in Nordic legends. The helpful little house ghost is also inclined to joke. It also occurs frequently in picture books, for example in many of the works by Fritz Baumgarten. source: Wikipedia. Here are a few pictures   https://prnt.sc/v6kntw https://prnt.sc/v6kodr https://prnt.sc/v6komt  https://prnt.sc/v6kpo6 https://prnt.sc/v6kq0u https://prnt.sc/v6kqpp https://prnt.sc/v6kvgt  I hope you enjoy it.  :$ 

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  3. On 5/8/2020 at 12:32 PM, DUYGU said:

    The most beautiful flowers known for their beauty are monolya and violet. these beautiful flowers may look great when used in xat emojis. I added pictures showing the beauty and elegance of violets and monolyas. When these flowers are turned into a xat flower powers and these flowers are designed as a new and different xat powers, we can see xat like a flower garden. Also these flowers can be designed in new spring and summer powers. I think that there should be innovations in flower powers and spring powers and I thought that the expected new flower power would be the garden power, I tried to support the ''garden xat powers'' ''suggest'' by adding new additional flowers and flower emojis. I will continue to support the garden power proposal with more different flower emojis. It would also be nice to see these flowers in xat pawns. Example, pink violet pawn for xat pink powers pawn, purple violet pawn for xat purple powers, yellow violet pawn for xat gold powers would be appropriate and beautiful.I am trying to bring innovations and changes to xat. I am trying to improve to xat and xat powers to next


    8YwyY0J.jpg   h801g6e.jpgGzcoczB.jpgIqf0pFw.jpgJRCojuo.jpgZFQs2rw.jpgNHWLPHN.jpgmSpqwR5.jpg

    Beautiful flowers are the ones I like. xat still lacks beautiful flowers. The women also sometimes give beautiful flowers. Xd

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