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  1. Happy b Day @Bau (hug)

    1. Bau


      Thank you :$(hug)

  2. Happy b Day 

  3. I thought of beautiful flowers for spring. As a sticker or power. Here are a few examples. https://imgur.com/AUaUo7I https://imgur.com/PWXFozB https://imgur.com/o81uC7N https://imgur.com/7hLRs2 https://imgur.com/U1PLtK4 https://imgur.com/eI8nwXK https://imgur.com/tyo1mf4 https://imgur.com/zAUhA21 Bring a little color in xat . Where flowers bloom the world smiles. More does not occur to me If you still have an idea please write it. TY
  4. Good morning (hug)

  5. Gooood morning (blowkiss)

    1. Mino1
    2. Sevda


      Hahaha, schönen Sonntag Minolein (blowkiss)

  6. Gooood morning (hug)

    1. NIC0LAS


      gm mini mini minoooo (hug)

  7. Get bread and the day can start well. (a)

  8. Today Friday the 13th. (wary) Happy weekend all. (hug)

  9. Happy b Day @Masha (hug)

  10. good night all and nice week (a)

  11. miss u (hug)


    1. Sevda


      Ich dich auch mein s√ľsser¬†(hug)

  12. Mino1

    A hug for u (hug)

  13. A hug for u (hug)

    1. NIC0LAS


      time to hug (hug)

  14. A kiss for u(blowkiss)

    1. Camii


      <3 mino so cute.

  15. Mino1

    (hug) a hug for u

  16. good night forum (hug)

  17. Is friday (cute)

  18. Mino1

    enge (c) (a) coffee mug does not work :(

    1. Enge


      Pup Flirting GIF by moodman







  19. Happy weekend forum (a)

  20. happy b day @ider (hug)

    1. ider


      (hug) Thank you Mino Brother 

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