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  1. All a beautiful Sunday I wish you (cute)

  2. harry potter party hard GIF kiss mouse 

  3. Happy b Day @Nathan(hug)

    1. Nathan


      Thanks !!!

  4. http://imgur.com/a/uGPwDeB xat ducks rights.
  5. Mino1


    The kites don't look bad. I could well imagine it as a sticker power. Maybe you are lucky and will be made.
  6. Tired Marine Life GIF by pikaole Why xat doesn't work. I'm still going mad. :d

  7. Happy b Day @Marek(hug)

  8. Mino1

    SEACALF powers!

    Are cute seals. Maybe you are lucky and they will be made.
  9. Have A Nice Day Positivity GIF by megan motown all forum user's 

  10. Happy b Day @Leandro(hug) happy birthday GIF

    1. Leandro


      Thank youuu mino (hug)

  11. Happy b Day @Marya(a)

  12. Happy b Day @Mihai(hug)

  13. Happy b Day @SLOom(hug)

  14. Congratulations @Stif
  15. Very heart touching the song 

  16. @Cupim Is a teddy bear? :d

  17. Cat Dog GIF by AFV Pets

    Sevda How are you so 

    1. Sevda


      Hahaha, es ist genau das was ich brauche Minolein :P


      Danke. mir gehts gut und selbst? (blowkiss)

    2. Mino1


      Mir geht es soweit ganz gut 

  18. Mino1

    594 TEDDI

    Cuddle time with a teddy bear
  19. First of all, a round of taning what a weather. I cycled over 50km today. 

    1. DUYGU


      Good morning Mino  (hug) Have a nice day!


      Hugs GIF

    2. Mino1
    3. DUYGU
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  20. First of all, a round of taning what a weather. 

    1. DUYGU


      Hey Mino (hug) You should be careful not to more stay in the sun because the sun has harmful rays for human

  21. Good morning forum Sleep Falling GIF by William Garratt

    1. DUYGU


      Good morning Mino  (hug) Have a nice day

    2. Mino1


      Nice day back (hug)

  22. Happy b Day @Exin

  23. Good morning forum adventure time coffee GIF by hoppip 

    1. DUYGU


      Good morning Mino  (hug) have a nice day!

    2. elya


      morning mino (hug)

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