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  1. I've learned to helfen know. anna and danny the two were a nice couple.
  2. (mino) xat1534494257 (1534494257)
  3. http://prntscr.com/n26dpl   The unicorn is the purest and most beautiful creature of the fable, and those who drink their blood become immortal.

  4. My sweet crazy (hello)

    1. DjCrazy


      hallo schatzi wo bist du

    2. Mino1


      Kiss crazy.  

  5. I finally know the time now. Thank you smiley maker.
  6. Ich wünsche euch ein schönes Wochenende angelo (victory)

    1. Anas


      Habe ein schönes Wochenende Hero (hug) 

    2. Mino1


      Maybe with a nice beer (b) 

  7. Mino1

    Have a nice Weekend bau (hug)

    1. Bau


      Thanks Mino, for you the same. (hug) 

  8. Have a nice Weekend Nathan (cute)

  9. Bürochef GIF                             Mama es is Weekend 

  10. Mino1

    Pls help

    do you mean the number of visitors. The number is not always correct. https://photos.app.goo.gl/fkU7sqvcrnu3nojy8
  11. Happy Patrick Day all 

    1. Witness
    2. Mystic


      you too!

    3. DjCrazy


      you too  ,dir auch schatzi

  12. Mino1

    Happy b Day @Bau(hug)

    1. Bau


      Thank´s Mino (hug) 

  13. Mino1

    Power "Gaty"

    a kebab power, would be cool
  14. Have a nice Weekend all 

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