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  1. https://youtu.be/QFP7w2rC8W4 Wow, grandpa plays well
  2. Happy b Day @Melodie 

  3. Congratulations wish to all winners.
  4. Mino1

    Power "Gaty"

    The smile looks good. Sweet animals always go.
  5. A wonderful day forum user.

    1. Maxo


      ty, have a nice day too

  6. do other users have even more xat reminder?
  7. Happy b Day (hug)

  8. I had this day a lot of fun. @Sevda @Arthur @Bau etc That was a nice moment: https://prntscr.com/mvkoth
  9. My favorite power is: all free smile, farm, wedding, gold, amore, coffee.
  10. I am satisfied with the xat app. Are still some errors in it but no matter.
  11. nice day everyone forum users

    1. Maxo


      have a nice day too 

    2. Sevda


      To you too, mein Minolein (hug) 

  12. Gn xat forum (hug)

    1. Junior


      Good night!

  13. (blowkiss) I love u 

    1. DjCrazy


      ich liebe dich auch  (blowkiss)

  14. All a nice Day  (cute)

  15. Hab dich vermisst :'(

  16. Mino1

    Happy b Day (hello)

    1. ider


      Thanks Bro omg are you Back? omg wb bro Thanks again

  17. Hallo sevda :p

    1. Sevda


      Es freut mich so dich wiederzusehen💙 Und wie gehts dir? Alles okay? (hug)

    2. Mino1


      Mir geht es gut und dir?  Bist du nicht mehr in chat on? (Hug)


    3. Mino1
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