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  1. Mino1


    Fairy Power is a bit older. The new smileys are all more modern. The current smileys have more color and different. That's why I think the idea is good with ''Fairytale''
  2. Why is losing a person so difficult?:'(:(

    1. CH3RRY


      I can imagine that it is difficult to understand why this happened.

      Cheer up @Mino1 (hug) remembers she will always live in you❤️.

    2. Bau
    1. Sevda


      In solch einer Situation ist es besonders schwer, die passenden Worte zu finden, Minolein 🥺 Herzliches Beileid und eine Handvoll Kraft dazu, hab dich ganz doll lieb 🙏❤ (hug)

    2. Mino1
    3. DjCrazy


      Minolinem,tief berührt möchte ich dir mein Beileid ausdrücken.

      Hab dich lieb und bin immer für dich da vergiss das nie!(blowkiss)(hug)


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  3. Happy b Day. (hug)

  4. There are other hobbies in the winter besides sports. For example, a romantic walk, the Christmas market, board games, etc.
  5. I wanted to suggest a winter hobby power. Several power to match winter hobbies. All winter hobbies that come in several categories (power). As an offer, ski, snowboard, bob, ice skating, ice skating, etc If you still have ideas you can post it gladly. A sticker power could be added to the winter hobby. (admin on skis ) What do you think about the idea? https://prnt.sc/p3bvss
  6. Mino1

    2 Mails

    I do not know why xat sends me 2 mails.
  7. Mino1

    2 Mails

    I wonder if that's normal?
  8. I always get 2 e-mail at security Check e30  https://prntscr.com/p1vjmf  I wonder how that can be done :s

    1. Madses


      So you get 2 at once? What if the other one inside is an old e-mail?

    2. Mino1


      They will come in the same time and I delete the mail immediately.



    3. xLucian


      It has no way to get 2 emails at once, try to delete the email, only if you receive in the same day several times a confirmation email appears in the same email

  9. Happy Weekend all. (a)

  10. Happy Birthday @ANGY

  11. Happy Birthday @Tero

  12. Happy Birthday Birthday to you. 

  13. Happy Birthday @Echo (hug)

  14. Happy  Birthday @Leandro

    1. Leandro


      Thank you! :p

  15. I miss u hug 

    1. Sevda


      I miss u too my bestie 😔 😘🖤

  16. Sevda coming back pleace to xat :'(

    1. Sevda


      Soon Minolein, I will be back soon 😘🤗

    2. Mino1


      I'm looking forward to. happy so excited GIF

    3. Sevda


      Cuteeeeeeee ❤😘🌈

  17. Happy Birthday @Marya

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