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  1. Happy b Day @Cupim(blowkiss)

    1. Cupim


      Thank you Mino. You're very kind. Thank you for being a friend. I hope we see each other more often on xat5!


      !kiss mino

  2. Cool I won. I'll pick up the prize later.
  3. Happy b Day (hug)

    1. Magic



      thank you very much and happy birthday to you too bro 

    2. Mino1


      Thank you (hug)

  4. Happy b Day (hug)

    1. xLaming


      thanks bro (hug):$


  5. Happy sunday all (blowkiss)

  6. Mino1

    570 KING

    (king.lol) Can you still add snow here? In the glass ball https://prnt.sc/py3li6
  7. Mino1

    Happy b Day @Manu (hug)

    1. Manu


      thanks bro (hug)

  8. Mino1


    They are beautiful drawings. You can draw well, I think.
  9. Happy b Day 

    1. Mister


      hey Mino , Thanks ! (hug)

  10. i like helfen,xat5,feedback,chat,loja
  11. Happy halloween all (hug)

    1. Abrahan


      Thanks same to you. (swt)

    2. Mystic


      Happy Halloween! 

  12. I miss u (blowkiss)

    1. Sevda


      I miss u too my teddy bear 😘🤗🥰

    2. Sevda


      Dich habe ich auch vermisst @ZILLE :P <3

  13. Mino1

    565 FEAR

    https://prnt.sc/po4m8r maybe a smiley in the ghost train
  14. I came up with the idea (! CLS at the bot) was made. Why do not we cleaning power smile Here are some examples: https://prnt.sc/pn5agl https://prnt.sc/pn5bm1 https://prnt.sc/pn5bye https://prnt.sc/pn5cuf https://prnt.sc/pn5dhl https://prnt.sc/pn5dr6 https://prnt.sc/pn5h04 https://prnt.sc/pn5hz9 https://prnt.sc/pn5j8b https://prnt.sc/pn5ju What do you think of a cleaning power? (I do not know who likes to clean women determined more like men XD)
  15. Mino1

    2 Mails

    The last time I get only 1. Mail.
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