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  1. Mino1


    They are beautiful drawings. You can draw well, I think.
  2. Happy b Day 

    1. Mister


      hey Mino , Thanks ! (hug)

  3. i like helfen,xat5,feedback,chat,loja
  4. Happy halloween all (hug)

    1. Abrahan


      Thanks same to you. (swt)

    2. Mystic


      Happy Halloween! 

  5. I miss u (blowkiss)

    1. Sevda


      I miss u too my teddy bear 😘🤗🥰

    2. Sevda


      Dich habe ich auch vermisst @ZILLE :P <3

  6. Mino1

    565 FEAR

    https://prnt.sc/po4m8r maybe a smiley in the ghost train
  7. I came up with the idea (! CLS at the bot) was made. Why do not we cleaning power smile Here are some examples: https://prnt.sc/pn5agl https://prnt.sc/pn5bm1 https://prnt.sc/pn5bye https://prnt.sc/pn5cuf https://prnt.sc/pn5dhl https://prnt.sc/pn5dr6 https://prnt.sc/pn5h04 https://prnt.sc/pn5hz9 https://prnt.sc/pn5j8b https://prnt.sc/pn5ju What do you think of a cleaning power? (I do not know who likes to clean women determined more like men XD)
  8. Mino1

    2 Mails

    The last time I get only 1. Mail.
  9. All a nice sunday (blowkiss)

  10. Mino1


    Fairy Power is a bit older. The new smileys are all more modern. The current smileys have more color and different. That's why I think the idea is good with ''Fairytale''
  11. Why is losing a person so difficult?:'(:(

    1. CH3RRY


      I can imagine that it is difficult to understand why this happened.

      Cheer up @Mino1 (hug) remembers she will always live in you❤️.

    2. Bau
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sevda


      In solch einer Situation ist es besonders schwer, die passenden Worte zu finden, Minolein 🥺 Herzliches Beileid und eine Handvoll Kraft dazu, hab dich ganz doll lieb 🙏❤ (hug)

    3. Mino1


      Ty all (hug)

    4. DjCrazy


      Minolinem,tief berührt möchte ich dir mein Beileid ausdrücken.

      Hab dich lieb und bin immer für dich da vergiss das nie!(blowkiss)(hug)


  12. Happy b Day. (hug)

  13. i do not have Facebook
  14. There are other hobbies in the winter besides sports. For example, a romantic walk, the Christmas market, board games, etc.
  15. I wanted to suggest a winter hobby power. Several power to match winter hobbies. All winter hobbies that come in several categories (power). As an offer, ski, snowboard, bob, ice skating, ice skating, etc If you still have ideas you can post it gladly. A sticker power could be added to the winter hobby. (admin on skis ) What do you think about the idea? https://prnt.sc/p3bvss
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