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  1. Not badly done. You could use the name: Creepyface
  2. Big hugs for you (hug)

    1. NIC0LAS


      thnk you baby (hug)

  3. Happy b Day @Valstein(hug)

    1. Valstein


      M i n o  ,  my brother  so much thanks! (hug):)

    2. Mino1


      Big party today. (a)

  4. Happy b Day @Echo

  5. Happy b Day @Vevrok(hug)

  6. Happy b Day @Luig(hug)

  7. Summer time is beach time. (a)

  8. 2 weeks holiday now (cute)

  9. All a beautiful Sunday I wish you (cute)

  10. harry potter party hard GIF kiss mouse 

  11. Happy b Day @Nathan(hug)

    1. Nathan


      Thanks !!!

  12. http://imgur.com/a/uGPwDeB xat ducks rights.
  13. Mino1


    The kites don't look bad. I could well imagine it as a sticker power. Maybe you are lucky and will be made.
  14. Tired Marine Life GIF by pikaole Why xat doesn't work. I'm still going mad. :d

  15. Happy b Day @Marek(hug)

  16. Mino1

    (seacalf) powers!

    Are cute seals. Maybe you are lucky and they will be made.
  17. Have A Nice Day Positivity GIF by megan motown all forum user's 

  18. Happy b Day @Leandro(hug) happy birthday GIF

    1. Leandro


      Thank youuu mino (hug)

  19. Happy b Day @Marya(a)

  20. Happy b Day @Mihai(hug)

  21. Happy b Day @SLOom(hug)

  22. Congratulations @Stif
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