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  1. Chat window is not showing at all. Where chat window should appear there is just black area. Pressing right mouse button I can see standard flash menu with version info but chat window is totally black. I have tried this in 3 different systems, windows 7 all with firefox 65. But all showed the same issue. When I have downgraded FF back to v64, it worked fine. This issue could be related to FF changes described at : https://blog.mozilla.org/futurereleases/2018/08/30/changing-our-approach-to-anti-tracking/ I know that in old FF if I have't enabled 3rd party cookies, xat flash chats would not work.
  2. It seems that the most recent issue are some changes in Firefox 65. Before it was all about enabling 3rd party cookies. But not this time with Firefox 65. I have installed v64 and disabled auto-updates and it works fine.
  3. In Firefox 64 it works fine but that's not the solution same as having 4-5 different browsers. There must be some firefox config that should be tweaked to fix this issue.
  4. It seems that for some reason flash chat version does not work within new Firefox 65. Probably due to change in 3rd party cookie policy. Anyone knows how to solve this problem except from using html chats?
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