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  1. It looks different, so different...
  2. Happy Birthday Solange ! (applause)

    1. Solange


      Thanks Deymian!

    2. DUYGU


      Happy Birthday Deymian!

  3. Happy Birthday Angelo !

  4. Happy Birthday :$ :$:$ 


    1. Bryan


      Thank you! 

  5. It is the problem, I have to see + 20-30 hours of movies, and it would take me too much time to see them all, or the ones that I need. But i will see :D. I'm not a big fan of MARVEL either, but for a blockbuster and successful film maybe make an exception.
  6. Really "Avengers: End Game" is as good as they say? Personally I like MARVEL movies, but I'm not a fan, and in my city it became very popular, and successful at the same time. I wanted to know if they saw her, what they thought and if it really is worth going to see her, because I have not seen her yet.
  7. ;)

    1. Jake


      *o* that's cute :$ ♥♥

  8. Deymian

    Power "Gaty"

    I agree with the others, there are already enough powers on cats, but in the same way it would be good to add another power but with different designs.
  9. Deymian

    New Store page

    It looks really good, the design is simple and pleasing to the eye. It is also much more productive to show the "cart", makes easier the selection of powers.
  10. Més que un club. Of course, the best team in the world today and forever.
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