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  1. Thanks for the help have a great day sir
  2. Thank you so much how were you able to find it ?
  3. JShadow1993 the account is really old lol
  4. Wow thank you for such a quick reponse where do I find my xat ID I taught it was the same as my username but when I tried to submit it it's telling me to change the ID part
  5. I haven't used a computer or xat for that face in a couple of years I recently just started using it again and I'm trying to get back on my old account I have my password but it's asking for a authenticator code which I don't have how do I fix this I have tried to submit a ticket but everytime I do it keeps saying Unable to create a ticket. Please correct errors below and try again! And it doesn't tell me what I have wrong I've tried every catagory there is and still doesn't work
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